Marvel superheroes say goodbye to Netflix, where can we see them now?

We are not saying anything new if we talk about the disappearance of movies and series from the catalog of Netflix And it is something that we see every day. It is one of the drawbacks that we find to the content platforms and it is that, when the contract with the producers ends, the studio recovers the titles for their free exploitation. But what we did not expect was precisely that Marvel superheroes would say goodbye to the platform in such a sudden way. Thus, the series of ‘Daredevil‘, ‘Jessica Jones‘, ‘luke cage‘, ‘Iron Fist‘ ‘The Punisher‘ Y ‘defenders‘ will disappear from Netflix after February 28.

In the moment in wich Netflix and Disney signed an agreement in 2013 to develop four superhero series, these projects were presented as belonging to the platform, despite the fact that it did not own the rights to the characters but rather it was an agreement with the production company, so it seemed that the trajectory of the series would have nothing to do with a termination of contract, but they would always be on Netflix. But the surprise is that no, Netflix has lost the rights to exploit the episodes produced and these will disappear within a few days.

Netflix will lose its superhero series

When the commercial relationship between Netflix and Disney was broken in the past year 2019 and the official cancellation of all the series was launched, great doubts were created about what to do with those episodes. But it was from February 2021, just a year ago, when we knew the next destination as Disney began to recover the rights to the characters, starting with ‘The Punisher’ and ‘Jessica Jones’.

What does this mean? well what Disney could be thinking of producing new seasons or new series focused on these characters which he has now managed to recover. Even so, at the moment Disney has not reported the return of other series as of March 1, so we will have to wait for news.

Are new seasons waiting for us on Disney +?

The departure of Netflix series gives us new possibilities, such as future seasons of these series that seemed canceled. Of course, for this, before, they will have to incorporate them into their catalog. But this is not the only possible scenario and it is that, now that they have the rights again, they will be allowed to incorporate these characters into Marvel productions without losing that global vision of the Universe of superheroes. It is important to remember that, after the premiere of ‘Spiderman: No Way Home’, ‘Daredevil’ was once again one of the most watched series, so perhaps they will explore this area now that they have recovered the titles.

Either way, it seems that February 28 will be the last day to see these series on Netflix since they will disappear from the catalog. When will they reappear? We will be attentive to both this and the possible news that we are receiving about the Marvel Universe and the series. Of course, if Disney + decides to introduce them in its catalog, we will have many entertainment options and possibilities to discover the Marvel world.

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