Marvel Will Resurrect Stan Lee In Future Movies, It’s Official

Stan Lee, the father of many Marvel superheroes, left us in November 2018. The American screenwriter and editor was used to making always funny cameos in films adapted from the comics. Well imagine that Stan Lee could come back from the dead. Indeed, Marvel has just signed a contract for obtaining the license which authorizes it to use the name, the voice and the face of the designer during the next 20 years.

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As you may know, Stan Lee, the father of many heroes from the Marvel stable, left us in November 2018. The famous cartoonist used to do regular and notable appearances in film adaptationss of the House of Ideas comics, first in Sony’s X-Men and Spider-Man films, not forgetting the latest productions from Marvel Studios.

His disappearance came as a shock to all Marvel fans, who were attached to his personality and his creativity. For years, he embodied the smiling face of the American publisher. Spectators were able to see the designer for the last time during a final cameo in Avengers Endgame, the Russo brothers’ film which had the difficult task of concluding the saga of the Infinity Stones.

Now passed on to posterity, it was obvious that fans should do without Stan Lee’s always funny short appearances in Marvel productions. Well, can you imagine that will change. As reported by our colleagues on the site HollywoodReporter, Marvel has just signed an agreement with Stan Lee Universe, a company co-founded by Genius Brands International and POW! Entertainment.

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Marvel will be able to use Stan Lee’s voice and face

Through this agreement, Disney/Marvel obtained a license that authorizes him to use Stan Lee’s name, voice and physical appearance in future feature films and television productions, as well as Disney theme parks and various “experiences” and merchandise. “It really guarantees that Stan, through digital technology and archival footage and other forms, will live in the place that matters most, the Marvel movies and the Disney theme parks.” says Andy Heyward, president and CEO of Genius Brands, a company specializing in the creation of youth media.

Please note, however, that this agreement does not necessarily provide the return of Stan Lee cameos thanks to technology, and in particular the deep-fake as we have seen with Carrie Fisher in the latest Star Wars films, or even young Mark Hamill in season 2 of The Mandalorian. Marvel will only be able to use images, sequences and audio recordings of the cartoonist to put it in scene. “The public revered Stan and if it’s done with taste and class, and with respect for who he was, it will be well received. He’s a beloved personality, and long after you and I are gone, he’ll remain the essence of Marvel.” says Andy Heyward.

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