Marvel Zombies, what you should know about this alternate world

What universe is Marvel Zombies?

The first, and most important thing, is to know what the Marvel Zombies Universe is all about. As you may already know if you are a follower of everything related to Marvel, there are different universes / versions of the same story in the world of these superheroes.

Well, Marvel Zombies is nothing more than a story that takes place in a alternate universe of the MCU itself, where almost all the superheroes and villains that we know are zombies or end up dying at the hands of them. This limited series of comics, written by Robert Kirkman, was originally published in 2005 by Marvel Comics. And, with this Disney + animated series, it is the first time that it sees the light on the small screen.

What originated Marvel Zombies?

Now we want to tell you a little more in detail about the origin of Marvel Zombies. But be careful, if you liked the chapter of What if … there were zombies? and you want to read the comics to learn more, attention because many spoilers are coming.

The marvel zombies origin goes back to volumes 21, 22 and 23 of “Ultimate Fantastic Four”, created by Mark Millar and Greg Land. A series of comics that presents the stories of these superheroes if they had received their powers from a different way. In the case of the Fantastic 4, they receive super powers after being involved in a teleportation experiment, which did not work as it should.

Well, in these numbers we can see how Reed receives a visit from an alternative version of himself that invites him to his own universe. After crossing into this, the “original” Reed discovers that he has been tricked into a universe in which everyone has been turned into bloodthirsty zombies. Just when your zombie version he is about to devour him, and thanks to the help of Magneto who had not yet been converted in this universe, he manages to escape and take refuge. At that moment Magneto realizes that, using the portal that Reed had used to get there, the zombies could also use it to go to other universes to infest them. Therefore, it had to be destroyed in some way.

After different events in which the zombies discover where the survivors are hiding and, in addition, the Fantastic 4 of the “original” universe realize that Reed has disappeared, we come to the moment of the escape. With the help of the rest of the Fantastic 4 group, Magneto and Reed are in the portal about to escape from the zombie universe. But, in order to try to preserve the peace between universes, Magneto decides to stay to destroy the portal from within.

Right here is where Marvel Zombies story begins. A plot in which these alternative series that we know from the UCM will try to travel to other universes to feed themselves.

After this beginning, there have been several miniseries that Marvel has developed through everything that surrounds this zombie universe. Creating the alternate versions of heroes and antiheroes of the MCU, adding different secondary characters to the Marvel Universe that we all know or seeing how zombies travel to different parts of the universe to devour all life. All this seasoned with quite grim images that remain to be remembered of broken skulls, zombies eating brains and some other detail not suitable for the squeamish.

Small aspects of these stories are what the chapter of What if … there were zombies? on Disney +. Which lets us see clearly that all these stories of the animated series, beyond these zombies, are based on the comics of the Marvel Universe.

Of course, do not expect to see in this chapter so much violence, blood and things like that. You already know that unwritten policy on Disney’s part of being pretty neutral in their video posts.

How many numbers are from Marvel Zombies?

You may have seen this, especially if you like the theme of zombies and of course the MCU, you want to delve a little deeper into the history of Marvel Zombies. The first thing you should know is that it is not a finished story or with an ending as such, but that it is still in development with its different branches of comics.

Specifically, if you want to read the entire story in a logical order to be aware of everything that happened in this alternate Marvel universe, you should follow this order:

If you follow this order of the different publications of the Marvel comics, you will be able to know much more in depth the history that hides that dark and gloomy universe of Marvel Zombies.

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