Marvled: this is the Wordle that tests your knowledge of Marvel

wordle It is one of the last great viral phenomena that we have had to live and that works in the style of the old hobbies that we had in the newspapers and that every day they proposed us some small challenges to solve pen in hand. And the most curious of all is that when we completed those vignettes by solving the «7 differences», the crossword puzzle or the crusades, we had to wait until the next morning for new entertainment to arrive.

Wordle, the Germ of Marvled

That’s the way it is, wordle has burst into our daily routine just like those hobbies in the old newspapers, to get us into the habit of have a fun time guessing words after quite a few tries. This success has also served to make another infinity of variants appear like mushrooms in the field that touch on apparently different themes, such as the case that concerns us today and where we will not have to go to the dictionary of the Royal Spanish Academy of Language but to the imaginary of all the movies that have been made with characters based on Marvel comics.

Indeed, in marvelled we are not going to find questions about the names of superheroes or villains but rather about their movies, thanks to a clue as clear as it is simple: a frame of that tape that we must recognize. You will imagine, therefore, that it is not easy, especially when we talk about the Marvel Cinematic Universe that in recent years has seen how the same characters were mixed in the plots of countless productions over and over again. Spider-Man doesn’t just appear in his three films, or Thor, or the Hulk, or Doctor Strange, etc. So the challenge is multiplied infinitely and we only have six opportunities.

Now, to prevent the game from being completely inoperable, the developers of marvelled (which, by the way, are Spanish) they have made the brilliant decision not to allow us to write the title full length of the movie we think is behind that frame. In the box that you can see just below with the magnifying glass, we will have to enter the first letters and, immediately, the game will suggest titles that match that search. For example, in the case of «Spider-Man» it is enough to write «Spider» so that a complete list of all the ones stored in its database appears. In this way, any attempt to guess the movie in question returns a result: either we have succeeded or we have to try again.

Not just MCU movies

good thing about this marvelled is that it not only proposes us to guess films from that cinematographic universe that we have been enjoying since the premiere of the first Hombre de Hierro in 20018, but goes back further in time, with options of having to guess the titles of non-Marvel Studios productions nor have they been distributed solely by Disney. This is the case of the trilogy of spider-man with Tobey Maguire from the beginning of the century, shot with Sony Pictures, and even some previous ones or the very X Men by Fox.


The premise they must meet is, simply, to have the heroes of Stan Lee’s factory as protagonists, so when you get in front of the mobile or computer screen, keep that in mind to don’t limit yourself to 28 movies that have premiered those of Marvel Studios.

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