Masks are once again mandatory in the Apple Store in the United States

Once the number of people who have been vaccinated in the United States has stagnated, some cities are even paying 100 dollars to all those people who get vaccinated so that the vaccination rate returns to show the rates of months ago and thus prevent the rates of Delta variant infections from continuing to increase.

Due to the new infection rates, according to Bloomberg, Apple has returned to force the use of masks in more than half of the Apple Stores that it has in the United States, a measure that began yesterday Thursday and that Apple has taken based on the recommendations of the CDC.

After carefully reviewing the latest CDC recommendations and analyzing the health and safety data for your local area, we are updating our guideline on face masks for your store as a precaution.

This decision comes just over a month after the Cupertino-based company eliminate the requirement to wear a mask for customers and employees of its establishments in the United States. A decision that really did not last long, since Apple has been recommending the use of masks among its employees since the beginning of July.

In recent weeks, we have seen how Apple is fighting with its employees so that return to face-to-face work from SeptemberAlthough at the moment 3 days a week, a measure that has not sat well with the employees, some of whom have begun to present their resignation letter.

A couple of days ago, Apple announced that it is delaying the incorporation to face-to-face work until October and that will require a vaccination certificate to all its employees, a certificate that Google, Facebook and others also require.

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