Mass Effect: is the live action series coming to Amazon Prime Video?

Apparently encouraged by the success of The Wheel of Time, Amazon is looking for successful new franchises to adapt into live action series for its platform Prime Video and, apparently, the Bioware video game saga of Mass Effect it could be next on the list.

According to what reported by Deadline, the e-commerce giant (and video streaming) would indeed be found “Very close to an agreement to develop the series” by Mass Effect.

Amazon ready to bring a live action series of Mass Effect to Prime Video

The news was also confirmed by the words of the boss of Amazon Studios, Jennifer Salke:

“You will see that we will continue to invest in the fantasy genre of all kinds, we have a team focused on that genre on the ground at the Studios working tirelessly with our creative partners on those lists, and you can expect more.”

The Mass Effect franchise would do well to replace The Expanse which, as we know, is about to premiere its sixth and final season, and would provide Amazon with a universe of narrative possibilities whose freedom is hardly found in adaptations of novels.

We still don’t know if we’ll be able to see the show on Prime Video, much less who will be the showrunner, direct, write and star in the potential series, but in the meantime Salke wanted to share a small update on the Lord of the Rings TV series. (always coming to Prime Video):

“All the gears are working, it looks absolutely amazing and we can’t wait to roll it out into the world. We know our global audience is hungry for quality fantasy and beloved IP based shows; we saw it with The Wheel of Time and The Lord of the Rings will be the focus of our year ”.

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