Mass production of the AirPods 3 for August

Render AirPods 3

As the Asia Nikkei media explains in its latest report, The Cupertino company has prepared for the month of August the start of mass production of the new third generation AirPods. These wireless headphones from Apple would have a design similar to the current AirPods Pro but with some changes both inside and outside.

It seems that Apple has everything ready to start the production of various products and one of them is the 14 and 16-inch MacBook Pro, but also logically it has already prepared all the machinery for the start of production of both the iPhone 13 and the these assumptions new AirPods 3.

MacRumors showed the news a few hours ago referring precisely to the Asia Nikkei medium. These new Apple headphones are not supposed to add active noise cancellation and neither does the wireless charging box. Charging box may be optional and may be purchased separately, but active noise cancellation will not be available on these new AirPods 3.

So it only remains to wait for the Cupertino company of gays to suppliers for the start of production. Supposedly and in addition to these new models of third generation AirPods, the Cupertino company plans to launch the new iPhone 13 and the new MacBook Pro before the end of this year, so after the summer we will have important movements in terms of products from Apple.

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