Massive breakdown at Orange, Horizon Forbidden West on the run, this is the recap ‘of the week

Orange subscribers victims of an operator bug, the PS4 version of Horizon Forbidden West already unveiled, iOS and Android applications trying to rip you off, this is the recap ‘of the week.

Who says new weekend, says new recap! This week, while Orange customers were having difficulty accessing the operator’s services, the game Horizon Forbidden West saw its PS4 version leak on the web. A developer warns two wildly popular iOS and Android apps turn out to be scams, and a Tesla Model 3 owner turns his electric vehicle into a mining farm. We take stock of the news not to be missed!

Orange subscribers deprived of operator services

This Thursday, Orange subscribers had the bad surprise to find that they could not access certain services of the operator. On the DownDector site, complaints continued to multiply throughout the day, Orange customers not being able to connect to their mailbox or being victims of dropping out of their ADSL connection. Orange explained that this outage was due to an incident on the operator’s servers and services were finally restored on the night of Thursday 13 to Friday 14 January.

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Horizon Forbidden West leaked a month before launch

With just a few weeks to go before Horizon Forbidden West launches on February 18, some footage of the PS4 version of the game has reportedly already leaked onto the web. As confirmed by our colleagues from VideoGamerChronicles, it is indeed an almost final build, to the chagrin of the Guerrilla Games studio. Even though the snaps were quickly deleted from Twitter, some spoilers might still be there.

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Credits: Guerrilla Games

He mines cryptocurrencies with his Tesla Model 3

By connecting his Tesla Model 3 to an inverter connected to his Mac mini M1, and connecting graphics cards to the battery, Siraj Raval managed to transform his electric vehicle into a mining farm. The young man says,It’s a computer with wheels… It’s so simple to hack this computer car”. Even if the owner of the Tesla has managed to mine cryptocurrencies, it remains to be seen whether the process is profitable: indeed, using an electric car prematurely wears out the battery.

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Two apps are scamming iOS and Android users

Developer Kosta Elftheriou shared on his Twitter account two particularly popular apps on the App Store and Google Play Store that scam users. ” FLY-GPS, PRIVATE PROXY » who poses as a GPS and « AmpME – Speaker & Music Sync ask you to pay $520 a year for services that don’t exist. Both of these apps have thousands of fake reviews on the iOS and Android stores, but beware, both of these apps are indeed scams.

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UltraRAM: a merger that should boost the performance of your PC

Researchers at Lancaster University studied UltraRAM technology, which merges RAM sticks and SSDs. The study reveals that UltraRAM could soon be accessible to the general public and should boost the power of users’ PCs. This next revolution on the PC should therefore encourage manufacturers to think differently about the construction of their computers. It remains to be seen whether UltraRAM will be financially accessible to all…

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Our tests of the week

The Oppo Find N foldable smartphone won us over

Even if the Find N will not be released in France, we enjoyed discovering and testing this first foldable smartphone from Oppo which shows what the Chinese brand is capable of. For “only” 1300 euros in its best configuration, the Find N is elegant and very pleasant to use, due to its compact size and the quality of its finish. We regret that the Find N is not IPX7 or IPX8 certified, but we appreciate its fingerprint reader, its color options, its AMOLED LTPO screen and the fluidity of use thanks to the Snapdragon 888. If the photo configuration and the fast charging can be improved, Oppo still offers a quality smartphone at a more aggressive price than the competition with its Find N.

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BMW iX: an attractive new electric SUV

Even if BMW offers here an atypical and particularly imposing model, it must be recognized that the BMW iX is comfortable and that its performance is impressive. Fuel consumption remains high on the motorway and we regret that the trunk is so small, but the new technologies introduced by the manufacturer such as its Sky Lounge panoramic roof or its BMW Curved Display make it a particularly attractive vehicle. This new BMW iX should appeal to fans of electric SUVs but also those who will appreciate its concept car look.

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