Massive hack to Amazon, Apple, Microsoft and more, do I change my passwords?

However, these practices related to privacy and security of the different online platforms are not always as effective as we would like. This is something that is demonstrated every time a hack at the business level that affects thousands of customers. This is precisely the case that we are going to discuss now and that affects some of the current large technology firms.

Specifically, we are going to tell you about a large-scale hack that affected more than 2000 companies of all sectors, and therefore to their corresponding clients. The most serious aspect of this matter is that firms from the category of amazonapple or Microsoft. To give you an idea of ​​what we are telling you, this massive hack affects two of the main data centers in the entire Asian continent. We are referring to GDS Holdings Ltd., which is based in China, on the one hand, as well as ST Telemedia Global Data Centers, which is located in Singapore.

We must bear in mind that these two important data centers host more than 2,000 companies, including those mentioned above. technological. From what has been known now, the data stolen in the hack includes important elements of emails and passwords to access the customer service websites of these centers.

microsoft customer service

As you can imagine, all this affects many other firms such as bmwHuawei or the giant Goldman Sachs. Thus, the magnitude of this makes clear the growing risk that companies face due to their dependence on third parties when it comes to storing customer data.

How to protect my accounts

The mentioned attack means that the attackers had access to the login credentials for more than a year. In addition, now they have put up for sale these stolen data in the dark web for a price of $175,000. In the transaction, the attackers claim that they cannot guarantee the validity of all these credentials from different companies due to their enormous volume. We are talking about more than 2,000 different companies with their corresponding clients. This is too high a volume to check credentials one by one.

With regard to the users of these affected large technology companies, both companies that were victims of the hack ensure that the stolen credentials They did not pose a risk to their customer data. But with everything and with it, many of the major managers of some of these affected companies are very concerned. They also ensure that this data theft is unusual, but no less serious. And it is that these email addresses and stolen passwords could have allowed attackers to impersonate authorized users in the customer support websites officers.

Therefore, in short, we must be clear that this has not directly affected users. With everything and with it to avoid unpleasantness we should change passwords of personal access to the services of these important companies or any other. To do this, we can use different methods such as the use of passwords that are sufficiently complex and secure at the same time, for which a password manager will be extremely useful. In addition, whenever possible we should activate the 2FA system in order to further protect all our personal accounts.

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