Math teacher arrested for having sex with a student: her husband reported her to the police

A 35-year-old math teacher and married will have to happen eight months in prison after it was revealed that had an affair with a minor student. Aimee jones he first approached the girl when she was 15 years old and the alleged relationship lasted 15 months, according to English media.

What started as a “romantic relationship” became sexual when the teenager turned 16 and both began to have relationships in the woman’s car hidden in a park Sedgefield, United Kingdom. The Daily Mail notes that the teacher tried to hide her romance inventing a “female lover” called Sarah Martin, who supposedly worked with her at school.

Although the “relationship” began in 2020, it was barely this November 16 when the judge handed down a sentence after she admitted herself four counts of having sexual activities with a minor between the ages of 13 and 17, which took place during the eight intimate encounters that they both held. His sentence began to run on Tuesday and is expected to end in July of next year.

Her husband was the one who reported her

Because Aimee was married, she had to ask her coworkers to support the version that she was having an affair with a school employee, in order to do so. confess to her husband, Philip Jones, that she was bisexual. When she did, her husband was understanding and they agreed to stay together for his sake and that of four year old son they had in common.

However, at some point in history, Philip discovered that his wife’s alleged lover was not a mature woman but a teenager with whom he had sexual encounters in his car. The man is a social worker, so he felt obliged to notify authorities that your wife was committing a crime.

Once she was detained at school and escorted to the police station, Aimee confessed that she approached the girl in early 2020 when she was 15 years old and told her that she was attracted to her, as she was bisexual; Although the teenager felt uncomfortable and confused, she began dating the math teacher, with whom she soon began texting.

The “relationship lasted” about 15 months and ended abruptly by the teacher, so the girl was devastated, then he thought that they were really in love. In this regard, the mother of the young woman told the media that her daughter went through a long grief and that she would have preferred to continue with the relationship.


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