Matrix 4 fails to win at the box office

Matrix 4 achieves a first weekend well below Warner Bros. targets. On American soil, it hardly reaches 22.5 million dollars.

It’s a constant duel that is being played out in dark rooms at the end of the year. After two complicated years, the 7th art is gradually finding color across the globe. But while Spider-Man: No Way Home is a hit, Lana Wachowski’s new film is struggling to make its mark. On American soil, he made a rather disappointing start for his first long weekend (5 days). He only accumulated $ 22.5 million at the box office. That’s a lot less than Warner Bros. forecast, which was around $ 40 million. Matrix Resurrections is therefore behind All in Scenes 2, and its 41 million revenue since December 24.

It is also less than the first part of the saga, which had accumulated between March 31 and April 2, 1999, 27.8 million dollars at the American box office. The sequel had grossed 42.5 million dollars in 2003, against 48.5 million for Matrix: Revolutions the same year.

69.8 million worldwide

For its worldwide operation (76 markets at present), Matrix has amassed no less than $ 69.8 million. A launch less timid than in the United States, and especially in France where early fans were numerous when it was released last Wednesday. On its first day of operation, Matrix 4 had already attracted 142,692 spectators in dark rooms.

The end of a strategy for Warner Bros

Matrix 4 marks the end of dual streaming for Warner Bros. In 2020, as the pandemic condemned theaters around the world to keep doors closed, the studios had made the controversial decision to offer their new feature films simultaneously on the small and the big screen. It is besides Wonder-woman which opened the ball with the second part of his adventures at DC.

If the goal was for HBO and Warner to promote their new platform, while attracting viewers worried about finding the cinemas, it is especially on illegal streaming platforms that the film was a hit. If it is difficult to measure the impact that such a decision has on the receipts of a film, the number of downloads being difficult to quantify, one can imagine that this free provision and in excellent quality weighs heavily on the exploitation of a film.

It even earned Warner Bros. scathing remarks from its creatives, starting with Christopher Nolan (who has since left the ship) and Denis Villeneuve (who is preparing a second Dune opus). The latter can nevertheless be reassured, his next film should be released exclusively in theaters. The batman, by Matt Reeves and starring Robert Pattinson, will be the first Warner Bros. movie in two years to enjoy an exclusive theatrical release around the world.

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