Matrix: second movie trailer and gameplay trailer?

It seems that Monday December 6, 2021 is Matrix Day. And no, this is not an apocryphal and critical reference to the day of the Constitution, so I pray that it is not interpreted in that key. When I say that it is the day of the Matrix, I mean it in direct relation to what awaits us in the next few days in relation to news in the saga created 22 years ago by the Wachowsky sisters, and that they promise us a rather happy or terrible Christmas to fans of the saga, depending on what we can’t find.

We have already been talking about Matrix 4 for several years, although only at the beginning of this 2021 we learned that its name is Matrix Resurrections and we had to wait until September to see the first trailer with which, as it was more than predictable, we all let it fly a little the imagination, trying to interpret all the information that was possible to extract from each frame. Since then, and with a bittersweet mix of expectations and fear of disappointment, we are counting the days until the next December 22, the day the Matrix Revolutions will debut in theaters.

Thus, with just over two weeks to go, Warner Bros has decided to make our teeth even a little longer, with the premiere of the second and perhaps last trailer of the film until its premiere. A trailer that, for many, will be the confirmation of the theories that they already developed with the first (such is my case), which will have left others with even more doubts, also with its inevitable dressing of fan-service, and that in any case it is going to make, for quite a few, the time that separates us from December 22 to pass somewhat slowly, as in bullet time, only without having to dodge bullets.

Without going into an in-depth analysis, the trailer points out that after his confrontation with Matriz in Zero One, Neo was reintroduced, as was Trinity, moment used by the machine to jump to its seventh iteration, in which the terms of the peace agreement established between Neo and the machine were not respected. The allusions to loops at the beginning of it reinforce the theory that Neo will have to start over from scratch. Now, even with all the parallels, it seems that the story will be different from the one we enjoyed in 1999.

In some statements in recent weeks, something has also been reinforced that should not surprise us: Matrix Resurrections will be full of metaphors, some simpler and others more complex. And as always happens in these cases, the worldview of each person who sees it will be a key factor in their interpretation. In other words, you can either enjoy an action movie again, or you can spend many hours trying to unravel all the hidden meanings of the story. This is something where Resurrections could bring back the spirit of the original, compared to Reload and Revolutions, both of which are much denser.

The Matrix Awakens Unreal Engine 5

For a few days he had been talking about a Matrix-related release for next-gen consoles, and has finally stopped being an open secret to become something officially confirmed: Warner Bros, Epic Games and the film team have been working on an experience built with Unreal Engine 5, the long-awaited new graphics engine and game development environment from Epic Games.

This demo, which will be available for PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series S | X, It can already be preloaded on the consoles, although it will still be necessary to wait three days and a few hours for the date and time of publication of this news, until we can enjoy it, as we can see on its website. And although it is only 15 seconds of video, what we can see is most promising. Check out Neo’s resolution:

This, of course, makes us start dreaming of a future game based on the movie. However, this is only a possibility at the moment. Until we see the demo that will be presented at dawn from Thursday to Friday, we will have no more idea if it is only a specific action, developed to promote both Matrix Resurrections and Unreal Engine 5 or if, on the contrary, it is just the advancement of a title that is yet to come. And I think that, if only to amortize the work that the character modeling must have taken them, they should take advantage of it in a complete game. And when I say I believe, obviously I am saying I hope.

In any case, What did you think of both advances? Will you download and try the demo next Friday? Are you considering going to the premiere of Matrix Resurrections? Or, on the contrary, have you decided to deflate expectations to avoid the risk of a great disappointment when the premiere arrives?

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