Matt Dillon and Bernadette Peters join High Desert squad

The news about the original content of Apple TV + does not stop. Now we find the addition of new actors to the High Desert project, starring Patricia Arquette. We already told you that this project was starting but that there were still many fringes to cover. Little by little they are fulfilled. One of them was to know who would accompany Patricia and the lucky ones are Matt Dillon, Bernadette Peters and Christine Taylor.

A month and a half ago Ben Stiller sold to Apple what was his second comedy for this medium. High Desert, produced by the famous comedian, tells the adventures of a former addict turned private detective after the death of her mother. Patricia Arquette will be responsible for giving life to this character named Peggy. But you will not be alone in this journey because now it has been known that other actors will accompany her on this adventure: Matt Dillon, Bernadette Peters and Christine Taylor.

Dillon to play Peggy’s ex, Denny, a rogue on probation and ruthless operator, while Friend will play Guru Bob, a former host who renames himself a mystic after experiencing life-changing trauma. Garrett will play Bruce, a private investigator who hires Peggy to work on his declining business.

Those are the most renowned stars, but the cast as a whole is made up together with Rupert Friend, Brad Garrett and Weruche Opia. Opia’s character, Carol, appears to be the most developed of the new batch. Carol is Peggy’s best friend and the bored fiancee of an ER doctor. She is also a new stepmother who “has a secret of her own.” Peters will play a recurring role as Rosalyn, Peggy’s mother, and Taylor will also revert to being Peggy’s sister, Diane. All this, according to the leaks echoed by the specialized medium Variety.

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