Max Payne, LA Noire…: Take Two wants to revive certain iconic licenses

In addition to GTA 6 being developed at Rockstar Games, Take Two Interactive has announced plans to revive some of these licenses. None were officially cited, but the logos of Max Payne, LA Noire and Midnight Club appeared in the publisher’s financial presentation. It remains to be seen what this one means by “reviving”?

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Video game news has been marked by acquisitions in recent weeks. That of Activision-Blizzard by Microsoft, of course. That of Bungie Interactive by Sony Interactive for 3.2 billion dollars. As well as that of Zynga, a leading specialist in “social” gaming, by Take Two Interactive. The latter will pay $11 billiona trifle in the face of $67.8 billion that the Redmond firm is preparing to pay for its historic operation.

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But Take Two Interactive does not only rely on external growth operations to ensure its growth. The company will also rely on new games. We regularly talk in our columns about Rockstar Games, its most media-friendly subsidiary. She officially announced last week that she is working on a new installment of GTA, which we have no hesitation in calling GTA 6. accompanied by GTA Online.

Iconic Take Two Interactive Licenses Coming Soon

And what else ? On the occasion of the presentation of its results, Take Two Interactive also claimed to have a very diversified line-up. It would be ” strongest and most diverse of the publisher’s story, according to its boss, Strauss Zelnick. The latter specifies that it is made up of new licenses, but also ” sequels to popular old series ” players. During this meeting, the leader relied on a PowerPoint. And on one of the slides appeared several licenses.

Three of them caught the eye: Max Payne, The black and Midnight Club. It was enough to hope for a triumphant return of its three licenses which have largely marked gamers and which have not had the right to new releases for a few years: Midnight Club since 2008, LA Noire since 2011 and Max Payne since 2012. Those are three good candidates. The only ones? No. We also think of Mafiawhose third opus was released in 2016, Bully, released in 2006, or Bioshock. If a compilation of this series has been available since 2016 on Xbox One and PS4 (and more recently on Switch), the last episode dates all the same from 2013.

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