Mayor of Paris is elected candidate for the presidency of France in 2022

The Socialist Party This Thursday, the Frenchman gave his unanimous support to the Parisian mayor, Anne Hidalgo, to be his candidate in the elections presidential april 2022, in which the polls predict little chance of victory.

The 208 sponsorships received, compared to the 34 of its only opponent, the former Minister of Agriculture and current Le Mans councilor, Stéphane Le Foll, anticipated that there would be no surprises in the vote open from 5:00 p.m. to 10:00 p.m. local time.

The provisional figures for this scrutiny reserved for militants were clear: with a 90% count, gentleman took “more than 72%” of the votes, the first secretary of the training, Olivier Faure.

“I am particularly proud and honored to defend the colors of our match. They are the colors of a left that assumes the exercise of power, of a left of government that he will never be satisfied simply with being indignant or protesting, but wants to act in a concrete way, “said the already candidate.

At his ordinary congress in mid-September, the $, through Faure, had already endorsed her, without naming her, giving support to emblematic proposals launched since gentleman announced his candidacy that same month, as he intended to double the salary of the teachers.

Anne Hidalgo has a long way to go

Tonight the leader of the $ He admitted that the pending path will be complicated. “We all know here that no one wants our victory (…) We know your capacity, strength, courage and determination. Hard work awaits you. You can be sure that we will accompany you,” he said.

Le Foll had kept his candidacy despite being aware that luck was not working in his favor. “I am a more than marginal candidate. Sometimes it takes a lot of perseverance to come into existence in a political debate,” he had stated this week, claiming to feel despised by his training.

The $ now puts its machinery at the service of Hidalgo and seeks union with other forces on the left, in particular with the environmentalists, which on September 28 elected MEP Yannick Jadot as a candidate.

His official investiture will take place on October 23 in Lille, fiefdom of his political mentor, Martine Aubry, with a convention that will call on the mobilization collective half a year after those elections.

On the way to the presidential elections, he already has as opponents confirmed to the far right Marine Le Pen or the leftist Jean-Luc Mélenchon. The Conservatives will elect their representative in a congress intern, and the current president, Emmanuel Macron, has not advanced its intentions.

The emergence of the writer and essayist Eric Zemmour, omnipresent in the French pre-campaign despite not having taken the step, is another possible obstacle in the presidential ambition of gentleman, 62 years old and a native of San Fernando (Spain).

The mayor has little citizen support

The polls attribute to gentleman less than 10% of voting intentions, well below the 24% achieved Macron, according to a survey by the Ifop Demographic Institute this week, or 22% of Le Pen, which would thus advance to the second round.

Its possibilities are also reduced by the traditional fragmentation of the left vote between socialists, ecologists and the populist formation La Francia Insumisa, by Mélhitch, and by an electorate heeled to the right, with immigration as a key factor in these elections.

This Thursday was just the beginning. “Tonight begins with all France a campaign that unites all the socialist militant forces, “he said. gentleman in the Parisian bar L’Office, to which she had summoned the press to offer her first statements after the count.The presidential candidate was elected councilor of Paris in 2001 and has been mayor of the French capital since 2014. In 2020 she renewed her mandate under the umbrella of the “Paris en commun” platform, a citizen alliance, in her words, which brought together politicians of various sensibilities, from communists to environmentalists.

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