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Let’s play a game David (The Fierce of my girl, 1938)

I go back to my old badly parked van. I couldn’t get into the concert. Impossible. I see scattered groups of people who in this place and at this time can only be frustrated spectators like me. We all have a certain air of zombies. We do not know what to do. We surreptitiously glance at our phones but from time to time we all look up at the stadium. You start to hear the sound of the presentations, the roar of the public. But we are excluded from all that. And yet we were left speechless looking at the brightness of the stage lights overflowing the stands and the spotlights projecting towards the sky. There are some guys who seem willing to camp. They’ve got a case of beers and it looks like they’re going to take it philosophically. There is a girl who is lonely like me. She has a sad air, like defeat, and she ends up sitting on a mailbox with her back to the stadium. Perhaps as a protest. Perhaps not to suffer more. But when the notes of the first song are heard, she turns her head. And she sighs so loud that I can hear her from where I am. The song takes flight in the form of echoes that arrive from the stadium. What they say is not distinguishable but the melody is perfectly recognizable.

It is strange that they have started the concert with one of their greatest hits from more than ten years ago. I find myself wishing the concert would be a flop. That it sounds bad, that they don’t play my favorite songs… But this one that sounds is precisely the one that I like the most of them. One of those songs that seem to be dedicated to one. Several times in my life I have found myself saying something about what was happening to me. That helped me understand or overcome it. I remember some of those situations and I can’t help but get emotional. My mother couldn’t stand them, and this song even less. Her throat tightens at the memory of her. I realize I’m still standing looking at the stadium. I haven’t moved much. I still have my phone in my hand but I ignore it. I haven’t taken any photos either. I’m not going to do them. I sigh and decide to go home. Perhaps that thing about it going to be his last concert is a false alarm, like many other times. Another day will be. A column of light descends from the sky like a cascade of sparks over the stadium. A flash that lasts a few seconds and then the explosion. I shake off the debris. The stadium does not exist. I am relieved to think that the concert was ultimately a failure.

The Japanese manufacturer Mazda has managed to carve out a privileged place in the mid-size SUV market with its CX-5 model. Its technical proposals with naturally aspirated engines and its special approach to body design and other elements make this model an original choice that stands out from the rest of the models on the market. We already had the opportunity at the time to test this excellent vehicle and now Mazda has renewed some details to update it and keep it competitive in a very demanding market.

Analyzed model Mazda CX-5
engine and finish Newground 2.2 SKYACTIV-D 150CV
Power 150 hp
Maximum speed 204km/h
Acceleration o-100 9.9s
Long wide high 4575/1845/1685mm
Max Power RPM 150 hp 4,500 rpm
Max torque Nm/RPM 380Nm
Gearbox manual 6 speed
Price €34,900

The changes that this new version of the Japanese SUV has undergone are not too many and the vast majority are aesthetic. The first thing that is obvious is the color, and precisely the model that we were able to test had the bodywork in the metallic Zircon Sand tone that was not available in the previous generation. At the front it is difficult to distinguish this update from the previous model since the general impression is practically the same. The first change we notice is that of the headlights.


Those of this new update have a slightly different shape and the arrangement of the elements within it also changes, so the “light signature” is different. The grille is identical to that of the previous model, with its polygonal shape, although the silver moldings that delimit it with the internal contour change slightly since they are wider on the sides and no longer extend below the headlights. A “stain” of color on some grille elements distinguishes the variant we tested called the Newground.

The bumper also changes shape with a larger lower air intake and a silver trim on the bottom that has the bumper look of the underside of the car giving the whole thing a bit more of an off-road look. Above it, the black molding has a more irregular shape that widens on the sides, while in the design of the previous version it had a more regular and straight design.

The side has the same aerodynamic design as its predecessor and the same body line. The only change this update sports on the sides are the aforementioned silver underbody bumpers. In the rear, as in the front of the CX-5, the design of the headlights changes. In this case, the shape changes, which is somewhat, and the size is larger, especially the part that extends through the gate, which is considerably longer than in the design of the previous version.

Reforms back

With regard to the rest of the elements of the rear, the shapes of the bodywork are the same. It changes, once again, to the bottom where the black trim is raised a bit higher and a silver trim appears to provide the same off-road style underbody bumper effect found elsewhere on the car. In the case of this version we only find an exhaust pipe.

Inside we find the usual high quality of the models of the Japanese brand and the CX-5 in particular, although some details have been modified. One of those that jumps out at first sight is that green moldings have been placed on the ventilation system outlets that give a cheerful touch to the cabin. This touch is also found in the seams and the edges of the seats.

Precisely the front seats have undergone a redesign that greatly improves the padding, giving a very pleasant impression of lightness. Some lateral support has been lost, but the truth is that in reasonable use, even on twisty roads and fast curves, it is not a big change compared to the previous model. Yes, they can be more pleasant on long journeys. We also liked the feel of the fabric of this particular version with a combination of leather and alcantara.

new screen

Another of the changes that are obvious is the shape and size of the information and entertainment screen. It is still placed in the upper part, sticking out above the dashboard, but now it is longer and placed more to the left. The screen size is now 10.25 inches and it is compatible with Android Auto and Apple Car play. However, the screen is still not touchscreen and we will have to handle it with the controls next to the change, which is sometimes not very intuitive.

The instrumentation has also undergone changes and the system that equips other models of the brand has been incorporated. With respect to the design of the previous version in which each dial had its sunshield, now the sunshield is common to all three dials. In the center there is a screen that acts as an odometer and offers additional information. It is very readable and although it shows less information than other competing models that have a larger screen, it is sufficient.

In the rear, the space is the same as in the previous generation and the access that leaves the back door is also the same. As in the previous model, the design of these seats has been optimized so that four people travel comfortably, while the central seat is more sacrificed. In any case, they are comfortable and can accommodate people of a certain height quite comfortably. The back of the rear seats, like the previous model, can be tilted.

more trunk

The trunk has undergone a redesign so that despite the fact that the shapes of the bodywork and the chassis have barely undergone modifications, the cargo volume has been increased slightly, up to 510 litres, thus improving one of the weak points without position himself as one of the most capable in his category. It is a large space, well upholstered with different accessories to secure and divide the load. By folding down the seats we can achieve a cargo volume that reaches 1626 liters in total.

With regard to driving, the first thing to say is that we have had the opportunity to test a diesel model, in this case 150 horsepower and with a manual transmission. The first thing we notice is that, despite good soundproofing, more noise inevitably seeps into the cabin than it did in the previous generation petrol versions, especially when cold. Once underway and rolling on the highway, the noise is more similar to what we perceived in previous tests.

Good answer

We really liked the response of this engine that mounts two turbochargers and that pushes from very low (maximum power is obtained at 4,500 revolutions) and recovers decisively from any figure on the tachymeter. To highlight again the Mazda manual transmission that is precise and fast like the best we have tested. This along with good power delivery makes this CX-5 a fun car.

It is not one of the fastest, the time to start from scratch and reach 100 kilometers per hour is close to ten seconds, but the ease of playing with the change and the response of the engine at all times makes it very pleasant to drive. This new CX-5 has also not lost the excellent response of the steering and suspension to offer a driving that is both safe and fun with an excellent feeling of control in any circumstance and that comes to light on routes with tight or fast curves. .

excellent change

At the same time, like the previous model that we were able to test, it offers excellent ride comfort on roads and highways, allowing you to travel long distances with the minimum of fatigue. The good layout of the controls available and the feel of them contributes to this feeling of good design and that everything is designed to pamper the driver. An undoubted brand of the house by Mazda.

The opportunity to test a diesel engine on this occasion has allowed us to verify that it is still an engine with that slightly sporty touch that the Japanese brand designs, but without the power delivery being exciting. That is to say, very much in line with what we were able to observe in the gasoline engines of the previous tests that we carried out on these models. A powerful engine but with a domesticated look.


The new CX-5 is not much less a revolution with respect to the previous generation. The aesthetic changes are visible but continue along the same lines of design that Mazda maintains for its vehicles, while the changes in equipment and interior are small improvements that continue to make it a comfortable and very pleasant car to drive. The change remains one of those mechanical achievements that we can’t get enough of praising.

It is still one of the most recommended mid-size SUVs for all types of use, but especially for travel and especially diesel motorization. Excellent ride comfort and impeccable behavior on the road with moderate consumption given the size and weight of the car are good ingredients to cover many kilometers in the most comfortable way.

Final assessment


The CX-5 remains one of the most enjoyable midsize SUVs to drive. There’s still some brilliance missing that would go nicely with the excellent response and outstanding gear shifting.

infotainment system8

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