MC2021 ‘Storage Solution’ Awards: QNAP QTS 5.0

This year, the MC2021 Awards jury has estimated that the recognition of “Storage Solution” is for QNAP QTS 5.0, for bringing the first smart NAS system to market. From MuyPymes we want to recognize the company’s effort to offer excellent support at the software level, as well as improvement at the interface level so that the user experience is more optimal.

QTS 5.0 responds to the challenges posed by the technology industry, to the changes that occur and to the needs of any user profile. Among its characteristics we highlight:

  • Enhanced security features to protect your digital files.
  • Improved system performance to optimize operation and applications.
  • Embedded AI machine learning to strengthen image recognition and drive failure prediction.

At the level of Interface, our colleagues from MuyCanal highlighted, in this article, the following functionalities:

  • Greater fluidity and improved browsing experience, with a more attractive and careful visual design that will make it easier for us to carry out any task.
  • Installation process guided by notices on the notice board. This makes it much easier to install, and to use.
  • The menu search bar will make our lives much easier, since we can use it to find the applications we need.

Who is QNAP?

Quality Network Appliance Provider, known as QNAP, is a multinational company dedicated to providing comprehensive software development, hardware design and in-house manufacturing solutions. Despite being focused on smart video, networking and storage innovations, QNAP now introduces a revolutionary cloud NAS solution that joins its cutting-edge software ecosystem, subscription-based and diversified service channels.

QNAP conceives the NAS as more than just a storage server and has created a cloud-based network infrastructure to encourage users to host and develop analytics for artificial intelligence, edge computing, and data integration techniques in their QNAP solutions.

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