McAfee Enterprise and FireEye change names after their purchase and merger

Last year, McAfee Enterprise it was sold to the investment fund Symphony Technology Group (STG) for 4,000 million dollars. Three months later, in June, STG also acquired fire eye for 1.2 billion dollars. After the operation, Symphony Technology Group began the process of merger of both companies, which it completed in October, in addition to appointing Bryan Palma as CEO of the merger. But it has not been until now when the new name that the company resulting from the merger will have: Trellix.

In addition to confirming the name change, STG has also clarified what the new company will be doing. Within the field of cybersecurity, which has not been surprising, it will be dedicated to detecting threats, as well as responding to them, through the use of machine learning and automation. Likewise, Trellix will be dedicated to the development of what its owners have called “living security”. That is, security-related technology “that learns and adapts to protect operations from threats of the most advanced actors.”

Of course, not all areas and divisions of McAfee Security will be included in Trellix. The portfolio of edge security products and services, which includes a cloud access security agent, secure web gateway, and zero-trust network access, will be separated from what has been McAfee Enterprise until now. of this same quarter.

With this, the new company, Trellix, will have a combined FireEye and McAfee Enterprise customer base of about 40,000 members. In addition, it will employ approximately 5,000 people. The sum of the two companies has achieved 2,000 million dollars in revenue in 2021. The McAfee Enterprise and FireEye brands will disappear, and all products and services that were previously marketed separately by both companies will be withdrawn.

Bryan Palma, CEO of Trellix, has stated that «As businesses move toward digital transformation today, a strong security foundation is needed to ensure continued innovation, growth, and resiliency. Trellix’s Augmented Detection and Response (XDR) platform protects our customers as we bring security to life with automation, machine learning, extensible architecture and threat intelligence«.

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