McIntosh MA8950 and MA9500: New Generation of Integrated Amplifiers

McIntosh has submitted two new high-end integrated amplifiers: the McIntosh MA8950 and MA9500. These two new models arrive to replace the well-known and magnificent MA8900 and MA9000, so they don’t have it easy at all. To make us forget about previous models, the manufacturer has ensured that the 2022 models offer many improvements over their predecessors. Among them is a “50% increase in dynamic headroom”, which is expected to further reduce distortion and deliver greater bass performance.

Other new features include a new high-resolution DAC, improved power supply components, and a new Roon-tested digital audio module. What remains with respect to previous models is the power, in addition to the characteristic industrial design that the equipment of the North American manufacturer wears. But the best thing is that we take A closer look at everything the new McIntosh MA8950 and MA9500 have to offer.

McIntosh MA8950 and MA9500: improving what was already very good

launch McIntosh MA8950 and MA9500 front top model
McIntosh MA9500

One of the great novelties of the new McIntosh MA8950 and MA9500 is the incorporation of the new DA2 digital audio module, which, as we said, has been tested by Roon and offers improvements in dynamic range and distortion. The DA2 uses a powerful 8-Channel 32-Bit Quad Balanced DAC for digital to analog conversion.

This new module offers two coaxial inputs, two optical, one USB and one own MCT (for SACD data); along with a HDMI ARC connection. With the latter we can connect the integrated directly to the television, thus taking advantage of all the power of the new McIntosh MA8950 and MA9500. In addition, both computers support DSD playback, which increases from DSD256 to DSD512 via USB.

And speaking of power, the MA9500 offers 300 watts per channel and ten analog inputs: two balanced, six unbalanced, plus one MM/MC input with adjustable load. It also equips a eight band tone control which allows users to manually adjust frequencies by +/- 12dB.

launch McIntosh MA8950 and MA9500 model bottom view
McIntosh MA8950

For his part, the McIntosh MA8950 offers 200 watts per channel and nine analog inputs: one balanced, six unbalanced, plus one MC (with adjustable load) and one MM phono input. It has a five-band tone control with the usual settings of +/- 12dB.

McIntosh claims that both models include powerful control microprocessors for smooth and reliable operation, as well as state-of-the-art audiophile-grade circuit componentsas well as several proprietary technologies of the manufacturer.

Both the McIntosh MA8950 and MA9500 also feature McIntosh Monogrammed heatsinks (promising excellent thermal conductivity and heat dissipation properties), Home Theater Pass Thru (for integration into a home theater system) and the High Drive headphone amplifier by McIntosh with Headphone Crossfeed Director (HXD).

Launch McIntosh MA8950 and MA9500 top model connectors

In short, we are facing two high-flying integrated, only suitable for wealthier pockets. The new McIntosh devices will reach the North American market (United States and Canada) this same month of February 2022. They will arrive in Europe and the rest of the world a little later.

Regarding the price, at the moment we know that the McIntosh MA8950 it will cost 12,495 pounds in the UK, while the McIntosh MA9500 will be priced at £14,995. We will have to wait to know its price in euros, but to give you an idea, the previous model, McIntosh MA9000, is still sold in Spain with a price of 16,500 euros.

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