MCPRO 2021 Tech Giveaway Guide

Christmas is just around the corner and … have you still not thought about what you want to give to that special someone? Why not a technological gift? Something that helps you be more productive in your work but also allows you to express your creativity or even disconnect and enjoy.

With ICT professionals in mind, at MCPRO we have put together a “techies” gift guide to suit all budgets; from the 19 euros that a bucket costs that puts our desire to procrastinate at bay, to the more than 1,000 euros that we will have to invest in a real gift. This time we have divided the guide into four categories: laptops and tablets, headphones, webcams (and that is because videoconferencing is going to be more) and other accessories. For other categories, such as smartphones, televisions, games and much more, we recommend the guide that our MC colleagues have prepared. Merry Christmas!

Laptops and tablets

The choice of a laptop or a tablet is very personal, since it depends largely on the needs that the person to whom we are going to give this great gift really has. However, there are models with which you are hardly going to fail. This is our selection this year.

  • After a few years of notable absence, the iPad mini Apple is back. The sixth generation of iPad mini represents a true revolution in terms of its design and format, but also for its characteristics. Now more than a “mini” version of the classic iPad, Apple could have called it the iPad Pro mini and it would not have fooled anyone. (From 550 euros)
  • Microsoft’s 2-in-1s are among the best-selling models in their segment and are the most popular of the various devices that the software giant has accumulated, in a proprietary hardware catalog that today offers solutions for all market segments. In the professional field, Microsoft Surface Pro 8 it finds few rivals. (Available early 2022).
  • HP Specter x360 14 It is the new version of one of the best series of convertibles on the market. Well renovated inside and out, it stands out for the premiere of a new screen size, the latest Intel processors, dedicated graphics options, advanced connectivity, components such as a high-performance webcam and, of course, the premiere of Windows 11 . (From 1600 euros)
  • Few brands like Acer believe on tiptoe in the Chromebook project and what it means. That is why when it comes to recommending one of Google’s laptops, betting on the Taiwanese company is a safe option. More when they deliver this Acer Chromebook Spin 514, a premium laptop that has nothing to envy Windows. (From 500 euros)


Those who work at home know that comfortable and quality headphones can become their best allies to stay productive, while isolating themselves from interruptions and noise. These are the ones we recommend.

  • When it comes to working several hours in front of a screen, professionals value not only the quality of the audio, but most especially, the comfort that their headphones can offer. And if what we are looking for in comfort, Bose QuietComfort 35 II offer it to us in abundance. It also offers up to three levels of noise cancellation and a noise-canceling dual microphone system for the best video conferencing. (From 200 euros)
  • Sony makes a strong comeback with its WF-1000XM4 They come with improvements such as IPX4 water and sweat resistance, a new case that allows wireless charging and new levels of active noise cancellation, with two ANC microphones in each earpiece. They also have another striking feature such as speak-to-chat that take the user experience to another level. We can be listening to music and the moment we start talking the song will be silenced (From 220 euros)
  • Those in love with the form factor of Apple’s AirPods Pro and who also want to spend less than half of what the headphones of the Cupertino company cost without losing quality, have a great alternative to consider in these Anker Soundcore Liberty Air 2 Pro. Anker’s new headphones offer three active noise cancellation modes, with profiles optimized for indoor, outdoor, and even public transportation use. They allow you to play music for seven hours with a single charge and the duration is multiplied up to 26 hours if it is accompanied by its case. (From 130 euros)
  • The Logitech Zone True Wireless They are specifically intended for business users who have to spend a lot of time with video conferencing solutions and in fact, the manufacturer assures that they are “the first certified to work with Google Meet, Microsoft Teams and Zoom applications.” They are equipped with premium active noise canceling microphones that provide clear audio even in a noisy environment. (From 329 euros)
  • The Jabra Elite 7 Pro They are TWS headphones that incorporate much of the great work that Jabra has been doing in this field in recent years, but that goes a step further by developing its new Multisensor Voice technology. Thanks to the four microphones that are distributed along the chassis of the headphones, a new bone conduction sensor and renewed intelligent algorithms, the new from Jabra promises us the best quality in our conferences. (From 199 euros)


In times of pandemic, webcams have become an essential part of our home offices. These are some of the ones that we recommend this year.

  • The Logitech C920S Pro HD is a webcam that has practically become synonymous with the new work-from-home ecosystem. It takes up very little space and offers a resolution of 1080p and 30fps (from 70 euros)
  • For price and functionality, the Lenovo VOIP 360 It has become one of the most popular webcams among professionals. The compact camera offers FHD video quality and USB-C connectivity (although it does have a USB-A adapter). It offers a viewing angle of 90º and can go up to 180º and even 360º thanks to a wide angle that makes it a great option for installation in almost any video conference room. (from 300 euros)
  • Trust Taxon is a high-quality, easy-to-use 2K camcorder that offers native QHD (2560 x 1440) resolution, plug-and-play USB connectivity, and various mounting options. Delivers 30 frames per second to provide a clear picture while the two built-in microphones pick up voices clearly for clutter-free audio. (from 45 euros)


  • Who hasn’t run out of battery when they needed it most? One of the best ways to avoid running out of power is to have a portable battery as complete as the one offered by Anker in its model “Anker Powercore Wireless”, which says goodbye to cables by adding a Qi charging base on top of the battery itself. With a power of 10,000 mAh, it is capable of recharging up to two times most of the smartphones on the market. In addition to its wireless charging, it maintains its compatibility with the main ports. (from 43 euros)
  • This year’s launch of the Apple AirTags worrying about having controlled bags, backpacks, suitcases and keys has become fashionable again. If the Cupertino model convinces you, you can buy one from 31 euros. If instead you want more options, we love the Tile Slim 2022 (34 euros) ideal for any wallet.
  • To control the time we spend on each task and improve our productivity, nothing better than the TFA Dostmann Digital Cube (19 euros), a cube-shaped timer with which we will not be able to procrastinate.
  • And how to take with us those equipment that make it easier for us to work in mobility? Of course, with a large backpack. We recommend the Tucano Luna Gravity, ideal for carrying a laptop without hardly feeling the weight behind us. (From 99 euros)

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