MCPRO (CXLI) Pills: IT Trends, Bitcoin, Cisco Live 2022

The reports that tell us about IT trends usually point to what is to come next… in the short term. There are not so many who venture to speculate what will happen in the next decade and usually get it right. We will talk about these trends that the consulting firm McKinsey Digital has captured in its annual report in this week’s MCPRO Pills.

We also give an account of what Cisco Live 2022 has given of itself, in which the company has taken a great leap forward in the field of cybersecurity and we also tell you what this crypto winter is like that Bitcoin and other digital currencies. Let’s start!

Top 10 technology trends that will shape the next decade

We live in a tremendously changing society, where technology and the digital are transforming more and more quickly to adapt to the needs and tastes of a world in constant evolution.

The next decade will be marked, except for a major surprise, by 10 key trends, as pointed out in a latest report by McKinsey Digital. Some trends that, in the environment of organizations, help them to be more competitive and invest more in a transformation that is as real as it is necessary.

Bitcoin looks into the abyss and is about to drop below $20,000

A few days ago we talked about the collapse of the cryptocurrency market. Shortly after we saw that Bitcoin had started a slight recovery process, but in the end this turned out to be a mirage, as it plunged again and almost fell below $20,000.

That figure represents the new “bottom” and has an important role on a psychological level for investors and analysts, although we must bear in mind that, in the end, we are talking about a cryptocurrency that in just a few months has gone from being worth $69,000 to slightly surpassing the $20,000.

Cisco Live 2022: Innovation Designed for Modern Business

In what is its biggest event of the year, Cisco has announced its strategy for a global integrated security platform in the cloud. This offers access and connectivity with security for companies of any sector and size.

The platform, Cisco Security Cloud, will be unified, open and neutral, and will have the objective of improving the protection of end-to-end multi-cloud hybrid environments.

Captive portal, the gateway to the Internet in hotels and restaurants

Anyone who has traveled and stayed in a hotel in recent years has encountered a captive portal many times. Even without having slept away from home, you may also have found it when trying to access the WiFi of a coffee shop where you have gone to telework for a while.

Through it, just by providing some data, the establishment in question offers access to the network. On many occasions, personalized. Both for the user and for the establishment itself, to which it provides all kinds of advantages. But what is a captive portal and what are the benefits that an establishment can achieve by starting it up?

Chaume Sánchez (CEO GeeksHubs) “The main challenge for the CIO is knowing how to manage teams well”

As Chaume Sánchez (CEO of GeeksHubs) tells us, there is a key that defines the CTO Summit that this year celebrates its third edition in Valencia: Community. “It is an event organized by geeks, for geeks, a forum to share experiences with professionals who know the difficulties of the sector,” he says.

At MCPRO we are completely aligned with that vision and that is why we collaborate as media partners of an event that you cannot miss next June 24 and 25. We also remind you that if you participate in our “CIO 2022 Study” you can get a double ticket. Can you ask for more? But first, we recommend our interview with Chaume Sánchez, who leaves us with a few interesting headlines.

Wireshark: almost everything you need to know

Created at the end of the 90s under the name of Ethereal by the North American developer Gerald Combs, Wireshark was born out of a need: to analyze and optimize the traffic generated by an internet service provider (ISP). Those were other times, where the traffic analyzers that existed were not only expensive but also incompatible with the most used servers.

After a few years working on the project, Combs made the qualitative leap that Wireshark needed, the support of an active community of developers and programmers specialized in open source. This is what you need to know.

Rutronik and Intel: guarantee of availability, service and support

Rutronik and Intel are a successful duo in niches such as Industrial IoT or Artificial Intelligence.

Two allies that guarantee customers the availability of products with first-class technical support and services. During the interview we had with Jordi Tarrida, Senior Marketing Manager at Rutronik Iberia, he told us about his relationship with Intel and his differential values ​​as a global distributor.

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