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Charismatic, popular and controversial. There are three adjectives with which we can describe the figure of a Jack Dorsey who, since its founding until a few days ago, has remained at the forefront of Twitter. For some, Dorsey is the kind of visionaries Silicon Valley has been built on; for others, an opportunist who damages the image of the company he created.

In any case, the step back this week has been good for the company, which has appreciated on the stock market as a result of the appointment of Parag Agrawal as the new CEO. Thus we begin an MCPRO Pills loaded with interesting content, such as those five technological books that Bill Gates recommends us for this Christmas, or everything that has happened in the last Dell Technologies Forum. You want to know more? We begin!

Parag Agrawal, this is the new CEO of Twitter

Following the unexpected resignation of Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey until yesterday, the company has a new CEO: 37-year-old Parag Agrawal, a true stranger outside the company, in which he has been for a decade and in which he started as an engineer.

Five books to give away at Christmas … recommended by Bill Gates

That Bill Gates is passionate about reading is not a mystery to anyone. For more than a decade, the Microsoft co-founder has published on a personal blog what he considers to be the best books of the year and shares with his followers which titles help us better understand the world.

Dell Technologies Forum 2021: Everything revolves around data and IaaS

Dell has held, in virtual format, its annual Dell Technologies Forum 2021 event, in which it has brought together its customers and partners, as well as different professionals from the ICT sector in Spain, to show them and offer them details about the technological solutions that can be provided to them to advance your digital transformation.

Why Windows Users Should Go Back To The Command Line

Command Line Interfaces (CLI) are often disowned by many Windows users, who perceive them as old, archaic, and anachronistic. This culture began to settle, possibly after the arrival of the NT kernel to the mass-oriented desktop operating systems, more specifically from Windows 2000 and XP. However, since the launch of Windows 10, the company has decided to vitaminize the CLI, enhancing a PowerShell that was already a few years old and developing things like WinGet, a package manager inspired by those available for Linux.

José María Cervigón Martínez (Director of IT at Caixa Popular): “AI, the use of chatbots and the implementation of RPA projects will be key in the financial industry”

In this interview, which we extract from our eBook «Digital Transformation: the best success stories of 2021», José María Cervigón, IT Director at Caixa Popular, tells us what this digital transformation process has consisted of and how it has improved the activity of this financial institution based on its commitment to Brother.

Amazon celebrates AWS re: Invent 2021 in Las Vegas again: top updates

Amazon has once again celebrated in person, but also with virtual and free access, its AWS re: Invent 2021 event in Las Vegas, and as usual, it has served as a framework to present the main novelties of its division dedicated to the cloud . Among them is Amazon Braket Hybrid Jobs, designed to help companies efficiently deploy, monitor and run classical and hybrid quantum algorithms.

The semiconductor shortage has changed the strategy of the motor majors

It is a fact, the shortage of semiconductors that we are experiencing internationally has not only affected the technology sector in general, it has also seriously affected the motor world. This has an explanation, and it is that cars have undergone an important evolution that has been deeply linked to chips.

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