MCPRO Pills (CII): News of the Year, Challenges for CIOS, CES 2022

We started our first MCPRO Pills of 2022 by reviewing what have been the most outstanding technological news of 2021, with the supply crisis as one of the issues that has conditioned the evolution of the sector in the last year.

And we do not stop, because January has just started and a new CES that this time will be held in person again, returns loaded with news and eager to surprise in areas such as robotics or devices designed to succeed in a hybrid world of teleworking.

We also tell you what are the main challenges that CIOS will face this year and how, for example, they can implement a good disaster recovery policy. We started!

From the component crisis to the NFTs: this has been the news of the year

At MCPRO we wanted to review what have been the great technological issues of 2021. The crisis of components has had a strong impact on the industry, a real earthquake whose tremors have also begun to affect other sectors.

And although this has undoubtedly been the great theme of the year, it has not been far from the only one that has caught our attention. Among other topics of interest, a processor market that had never been so animated in part thanks to Apple, the development of a new “space race” starring not by countries like in the Cold War but by companies, or a Metaverse that de The moment lives more on promises than on realities.

CES 2022: Trends Emerging from Tech Event of the Year

They were promised very happily at CES this year. 2022 was going to be the fair of recovery, of saying goodbye to the pandemic. And yet Omicron is not willing to let us forget that at least for the next few months, technology fairs will continue to maintain, for the most part, a preferably virtual format. However, there are some trends that emerge as clear winners of the current edition.

Do you have a good disaster recovery policy?

Put in place an effective backup policy, be able to respond quickly to an attack from ransomware o ensure that business continuity is maintained uninterrupted. These are just some of the reasons companies are increasingly concerned about investing in disaster recovery technologies… because when the worst happens, having a plan B that can be put into action immediately is vitally important.

Seven challenges that will put CIOS to the test in 2022

The development of adequate telework policies and the implementation of technologies that ensure the continuity of business processes were two of the strategic priorities that CIOs had to respond to last year.

In 2022, on the other hand, with a pandemic that despite Ómicron has entered a certain stabilization phase (as far as ICT is concerned), the top technological managers of companies find themselves in a situation of having to respond to a growing number of challenges that may have been parked in recent years, ranging from increasing its commitment to cybersecurity to environmental sustainability.

Jose Luis Antón (Head Sogeti Spain): «Organizations are increasingly aware of the importance of guaranteeing software quality»

The Sogeti World Quality Report 2021-22 report reveals notable advances in terms of key trends both in QA, that is, software quality, and also in the field of testing, which highlight the change in perception of both in all areas, and his move from a secondary position in companies to a first level.

About all this, as well as the weight of new technologies such as Artificial Intelligence and machine learning in the quality of the software, we have spoken with Jose Luis Antón, Head of Sogeti Spain.

DDR5: Time to upgrade? We see the opinion of an expert

DDR5 memory has been a reality for some time, and after the arrival of Intel Alder Lake-S processors, and motherboards with support for this new standard, it has undoubtedly become one more option to take into account both in the professional sector as well as in the general consumer sector.

DDR5 memory promises higher performance while maintaining greater power efficiency, higher density per module, and superior reliability. These keys can make an important difference, especially in the professional sector, but in order to make the leap to this new memory standard we will have to make a significant investment, since we will need to change the motherboard and processor.

Europe completes the first phase of its independence project in the manufacture of chips

The so-called European Processor Initiative, or EPI, has already closed the first phase of its efforts to create chips in Europe, as reflected in the entity’s year-end report. With this step, EPI hopes to reduce dependence on imports, improve the region’s sovereignty capabilities, and contribute to the creation of the continent’s first ex-scale supercomputer.

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