MCPRO Pills (CV): Cyberwar in Ukraine, Smart Commerce, Citrix

Although no bullets have been fired yet, the war between Russia and Ukraine has long since begun in cyberspace, with DDoS attacks on major Ukrainian institutions and malware designed to disable a large part of its servers. The consequences of this cyber confrontation, however, can go much further.

This is how we start our MuySeguridad Recaps this week in which we also have much happier things to tell, like the fact that we have just launched a new edition of our e-commerce guide: Smart Commerce.

In terms of current technology, the purchase of Citrix by a group of investors stands out, who have decided to spend 16,500 million euros on the acquisition of the multinational. In addition, we tell you what are the best Data Analytics certifications that you can get this year and… much more! Let’s start!

The danger for Europe of the cyberwar in Ukraine

In recent weeks, Europe seems to have traveled back in time. The Cold War, which seemed to end with the fall of the Berlin Wall, occupies an increasingly important space in the news and the possibility of an armed conflict breaking out between Russia and Ukraine, which would end up involving the United States and other countries of Europe has gone from looking like a war movie script to becoming a very real possibility.

Smart Commerce 2022: the guide that reinvents e-commerce

We end January with a new edition of the ebook on smart digital commerce or Smart Commerce 2022, on which we have been working for several months. This year we will once again have the main players in the electronic commerce sector in our country, who will explain to us what we can expect from one of the industries with the most projection in the market.

A group of investors buys Citrix for 16,500 million

After several months of serious problems, which even led to the departure of its CEO, rumors of a sale, and a restructuring, Citrix has finally changed hands. A group of investors, formed by the venture capital entities Vista Equity Partners and Evergreen Coast Capital (partner of Elliott Investment Management), has stayed with the company for 16,500 million dollars. The operation has been unanimously approved by the Citrix board of directors, and if all goes according to plan it will be closed by mid-2022.

The office of the future and the new normal

Dell Technologies has commissioned Forrester to develop a comprehensive study to determine how the way of working is changing and how companies are adapting to change. How are companies adapting to make remote work sustainable? What is the future role of the office? What kinds of technologies do employees need to stay productive when working from different locations?

Six quantum computing companies to watch in 2022

Quantum computing is already a before and after in the history of computing. And although it is true that it will still take a few years before we can speak of a mature technology, most experts agree that in the medium term, its impact on the main sectors will be completely disruptive. These are the companies that are changing the rules.

Mobile edge computing and smart glasses: a match made for field workers

With assisted/augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) technologies making their way into the business market, many companies are finding ways to incorporate them into their daily practices to create more immersive and engaging work environments. Industries such as sanitation, manufacturing or construction are finding in these increasingly sophisticated technologies a great help to improve processes, connect workers with the field, increase safety and provide the necessary training.

Today I certify myself in…Data Analytics: the six best certifications on the market

Master the data and you control the world. The data analyst or «Data Analytics» has become in a few years one of the most requested profiles by companies, which need professionals capable of not only understanding the continuous and enormous amount of information they generate, but above all capable that these data are capable of generating value. These are the most interesting certifications of the moment.

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