MCPRO Pills (CXLV): Extreme Programming, Cloud Trip, Summer Reading

The best books to read in the summer, when all we have to do is…nothing. It is what we bring you in what are the penultimate MCPRO Pills before going on vacation to completely disconnect for a few weeks.

But in addition to the best beach readings, we bring you other content with which to recharge your batteries for September, such as a complete cloud computing course that comes from OVH and VMware or what you can learn from extreme programming to develop your career. Let’s start!

The differences between extreme programming and Scrum that every software developer should know

When considering the development of software, it is convenient to think about the type of methodology that is going to be chosen. For this, it is important to differentiate between extreme programming and scrum.

Two options that have existed for quite some time and with which developers work regularly. For this reason, it is essential to know what the differences are between one and the other.

Your journey to the cloud starts here

In “Your journey to the cloud starts here”, a complete course made up of four videos, in which Matias SosaOVHcloud Product Marketing Manager for Southern Europe, guides us in the best way to manage our ICT infrastructure and the migration of our loads to the cloud, based on our current and future needs.

In this video course, the OVHcloud expert tells us in four practical lessons what are the advantages of moving your virtualized workloads to the cloud, how you can do it with VMware and why OVHCloud Hosted Private Cloud is the best infrastructure to do it.

Arti Garg (Head of Advanced AI Solutions & Technologies HPE): “HPC powered by Artificial Intelligence can truly bring the future”

Arti Garg was Director of Technology and Emerging Markets at Cray when HPE bought the company, and when she joined its staff between the closing of the deal and the full integration of HPE and Cray, she was appointed Head of Intelligence Technologies and Solutions HPE Advanced Artificial Intelligence, a position to which in November 2021 he added the Head of Strategy for HPE Artificial Intelligence.

From then until now, Arti has been in charge of everything related to the steps that the company is taking, now and for the future, in terms of Artificial Intelligence and its relationship and integration with other technologies. We spoke with her at Discover 2022 in Las Vegas about what she’s done since coming to HPE in AI, how AI can help businesses now and in the future, high-performance computing , ethics in AI or your plans for the future at HPE.

Operational analysis: what it is and how it can help your company

Things have changed a lot in practically all organizational environments. The way we work, make decisions or analyze data have evolved greatly in recent decades. And an example of this is the use we make of the so-called operational analysis, but what is it really and how does it help us in our day to day?

Previous generations -but also companies that even today are completely reluctant to abandon certain habits and fully trust in the benefits of digitization- based decision-making on the analysis of quarterly or annual reports to set the actions and the path to follow. continue in the short and medium term. However, with the advent of operational analysis, everything has changed.

Five Types of Linux Attacks That Businesses Should Be Concerned About

Linux has triumphed in business. And it is true, it has not done it on the desktop, but this is of less importance if we consider that more than 80% of corporate servers have Linux as the OS on which the different workloads are executed or that the use of Linux-based virtual machines vastly outperforms those on Windows.

Taking this into account, it is not surprising that cybercriminals have put the penguin OS in their sights, both in local environments and in large cloud deployments or even at the edge, in IoT devices that more than 95% of the occasions they tend to bet on implementing a simplified version of the Linux kernel.

Read in summer: six technological books that you cannot miss

Reading is always a pleasure. And even more so when the summer holidays begin and we can take to the beach or wherever we go to rest for a few weeks, all those half-finished books and those others that have been given to us and we haven’t started yet.

But it is also the time to discover new titles, technological books that can be recommended… for example from this article that we publish today in MCPRO and in which we collect some of the most interesting novelties of this year, from “How to do nothing” from Jenny Odell to Tripp Mike’s analysis of that new company that Apple has become or what the Infocracy is, a probable “substitute” for our democracies in which trolls and algorithms play their cards. Let’s start!

Apple and Jony Ive completely break up, each will go their own way

Three years ago Jony Ive left Apple to found his own company. It was a very notorious march, since it marked the departure of Apple’s head of design, and the person in charge of the aesthetic plan of some of the most important products of the apple company.

It seemed like a total breakup, and for unknown reasons, but soon after we learned that the Cupertino firm was going to be among the clients of Ive’s new company, which meant that they would still maintain a relatively strong connection. Until now.

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