MCPRO Pills (CXLXVI): David Soto, Meta, IBM Osprey

Really busy week in the technology sector. The eternal soap opera that Elon Musk’s arrival on Twitter has become (with massive layoffs by e-mail), has been followed by what many already suspected about Meta: that is, that the technology company would have to lay off thousands of employees, unable to keep their promises about the future of the metaverse.

But on the brighter side, we have come across one of the most promising advances in quantum computing. An IBM Osprey that, according to its developers, is capable of performing more calculations than there are atoms in the universe. Almost nothing.

In this week’s MCPRO Pills we collect the interview we had a few days ago with David Soto, president of Kyndryl for Spain and Portugal and who left us a few more than interesting headlines and we tell you how the EU begins to smell regulating the acquisition of Activision by Microsoft. Let’s start!

Data analysis and data modeling: what are they and how are they different?

Working with data involves performing various activities. Often, however, they are confused. This is what happens with, for example, data analysis and data modeling, which are often confused. And they cannot be more different disciplines, although they are related.

Basically, data analysis is about the use of data and information for making business decisions. For its part, data modeling deals with the architecture that makes the work of data analysis possible.

The dark side of the internet: Onion and the Dark Web

When George Lucas devised Star Wars, he may not have imagined that the Dark Side of the Force would gain so much weight in the 21st century. We all have a dark side that we only show at certain times or to certain people.

On the Internet, that infinite and imminent window to content, we can find multiple links that lead us to discover information or events that the usual search tools do not offer us.

David Soto (president of Spain and Portugal Kyndryl): «In order to navigate this crisis, it is essential to invest in technology»

Since last October 1st, David Soto has been the new general manager of Kyndryl in Spain and Portugal and from January 1st he will become the company’s president in Iberia, after the retirement of Luis Roca, in charge of piloting during the first year the spin-off of IBM and the transition to a new technology services company.

After several years at Accenture, David Soto joined IBM where he developed a successful professional career in the field of technological services. He rose to be the director of the strategic consulting area and was a member of the global corporate strategy leadership team to drive growth from innovation. He also participated in important projects at a corporate level, such as the design of the cloud strategy, launched in 2008. At MCPRO, and with just over a month left before his new position opens, we wanted to interview him.

Meta lays off 13% of its workforce: its most difficult moment in almost twenty years of history

The worst news has been fulfilled. Facebook’s parent company, Meta, has confirmed that the mass layoff of its employees will affect 11,000 people. Soon all workers will receive an email informing them whether or not they continue in the company.

If the data for the current year of the company is analyzed, it is detected that it has lost a value of around 71%, with its shares on the stock market falling by 20%. Meta currently has 87,000 employees around the world on its different platforms (Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp).

IBM achieves a 433-qubit quantum processor with Osprey

IBM has opened its Quantum Summit 2022 event with the presentation of its new quantum processor. This is IBM Osprey, the company’s processor with the most qubits so far: 433, triple those of its predecessor, the IBM Eagle, presented in 2021.

The company has also announced an update to Qiskit Runtime, although it is still in the testing phase. It addresses noise in quantum computers, the main limitation for the adoption of quantum computing on a larger scale.

Microsoft in the crosshairs of Brussels after the purchase of Activision

The computer giant Microsoft is under rigorous investigation by the European Commission due to its recent acquisition of Activision Blizzard. It should be remembered that there is a very clear community regulation regarding business mergers and Europe is skeptical about this case, since it could generate the almost disappearance of competition in markets such as the distribution of consoles and computers, video games or PC operating systems .

The annexation of Activision Blizzard to Microsoft has been made for 69,000 million dollars, or what is the same, 68,360 million euros. It is positioned in the ranking as one of the highest in the history of the technology sector.

HP Sure Access Enterprise, to protect sensitive data and systems

HP has expanded its portfolio of endpoint protection products and services, HP Wolf Security, with HP Sure Access Enterprise (SAE), whose mission is to protect users who have access permissions to data, systems, and applications that are confidential or sensitive.

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