MCPRO Pills (CXXX): Intel, History of SAP, Meta in Spain

Intense week for the investment of technology multinationals in Europe. In the first place, Intel, which has decided to make a firm commitment to the old continent when developing new chip manufacturing plants, and secondly, Meta, which will invest twice in Spain: both in Madrid and in Talavera de la Reina.

Thus we start a new edition of our MCPRO pills, in which we also tell you how private 5G networks are changing companies or how the Open Source community has become one of the main sources of ICT innovation. A week in which we have also interviewed Olga Núñez, Director of Digitization at Enagás, and in which we encourage you to discover the best current technology for smart teleworking. Let’s start!

Intel announces a €33 billion investment in Europe

The chip giant has confirmed the first phase of its investment plan in Europe, and has done so by explaining where the first 33,000 million euros of the total of 80,000 million that Intel plans to invest in the old continent will go: Germany, France and Ireland, although with different goals in each case. Spain, although not among the countries most benefited by Intel’s “fresh money”, will collaborate with the multinational from the Barcelona Supercomputing center.

SAP, a European software giant that is already half a century old

Fifty years ago this year, five German engineers who used to work at IBM decided to start their own enterprise software development company. On April 1, 1972, Dietmar Hopp, Hasso Plattner, Hans-Werner Hector, Klaus Tschira and Claus Wellenreuther started a company with the complicated name of Systemanalyse und Programmentwicklung. Very shortly thereafter it was changed to Systeme, Anwendungen und Produkte in der Datenverarbeitung (SAP). This is his story.

Meta will sign 2,000 people in Spain and will open its first Meta Lab in Madrid

Meta has stepped on the accelerator in terms of investments in Spain. If last week the construction of what will be its data center in southern Europe (and perhaps the largest it has on the continent) in Talavera de la Reina came to light, already confirmed, now it has announced a series of measures that, together with the start-up of this data center, will lead to the hiring of 2,000 people in Spain over the next five years.

Work from Anywhere: discover smart telecommuting

As more and more technical managers are realizing, the lack of efficiency in network connectivity when working remotely can be compounded by other risk factors such as not having enough bandwidth, interruptions in traffic and, as a consequence of all of the above, poor performance of business-critical applications.

The future of 5G as a private network in the company

It is estimated that in sectors such as health, education, tourism, agriculture or transport, 5G will have an economic impact of more than 155,000 million euros between now and 2030. In the economic development of a technology that we have been hearing about for years, it will have a specific weight and increasingly important, the deployment of private networks.

Red Hat: The State of Enterprise Open Source in 2022

Every year we interview a broad panel of IT decision makers about the state of enterprise open source. In addition, we have thousands of conversations with customers, prospects, analysts, and industry peers. So it takes a lot to surprise us. However, every year we conduct this survey there are usually one or two unexpected results.

Here are the results of the State of Enterprise Open Source 2022 report, for which we interviewed nearly 1,300 IT decision makers from midsize and large businesses globally.

Olga Núñez (Enagás Digitization Director) “The important thing is that there is a commitment to continue consolidating gender equality”

Olga Núñez studied Industrial Engineering and oriented her professional career towards the specialty of energy techniques. She has been working at Enagás for 21 years and for the last 5 she has led the Digitization area. She has carried out major projects that have managed to digitally transform and evolve Enagás.

At MCPRO we wanted to learn about your experience in the digitalization area of ​​an energy company and what it means to have managed to break the “glass ceiling” to reach this position.

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