MCPRO Pills (CXXXI): OpenRan, Smart Telework, Lapsus$ Group

Establish hybrid work environments in companies, allowing employees to work remotely and to do so safely, with guaranteed access to corporate applications and without loss of productivity. This is smart teleworking and this is how we start a new edition of our MCPRO Pills.

We also tell you how the evolution of mobile networks has facilitated the development of what is known as Open RAN, a new generation of technological solutions that allow 5G networks to be more powerful and capable of supporting more connections in an ecosystem than all competitors benefit.

We are not losing sight of the havoc that Lapsus$ Group continues to wreak, a group of hackers who, after breaking into Otka’s systems, are gaining access to valuable information from many of its clients, including Microsoft itself. We chat with Laura D. De la Torre who tells us about what it means to lead large digital transformation processes in companies like Wolters Kluwer and we explain what Arquimea is, a technological patron to keep track of. Let’s start!

Open RAN, the path to more affordable and innovative 5G networks

Mobile networks have gradually evolved over the last two decades. Thus, from 2G and 3G to 4G, and in more and more countries and points on the planet, these have already given way to 5G networks. At the same time, the world has been increasing its dependence on these networks.

As a consequence, it is not only necessary to increase its power to be able to admit more and more connections, and for these to be more powerful. It has also become essential that the networks reach more and more of the population, and offer greater coverage. Both indoors and outdoors.

Work from Anywhere: discover smart telecommuting

Working from home has become the new normal. In almost all companies, employees are already combining their work in the office, with days in which they have the possibility of telecommuting.

And although this of course has many advantages for all those involved (the workers themselves, of course, also for the companies), it can also present technological difficulties.

Laura D. De la Torre (Business Transformation Director of Wolters Kluwer): «Expressing the passion for technology is what is missing for more women to join»

Graduated in Economics from the Pompeu Fabra University of Barcelona, ​​Laura D. de la Torre began her professional career at PwC (PriceWaterhouseCoopers), in the Consulting area.

After participating in various technological projects in various multinationals, he moved to Singapore at the hands of PwC. Back in Barcelona, ​​he worked for a couple of years in the pharma sector at ISDIN. There, he led implementation projects for the new CRM and the launch of new digital platforms. The next step was Wolters Kluwer. At MCPRO we have had the opportunity to interview her.

Microsoft and Okta confirm they were hacked by Lapsus$

Just a few hours after the hacker group Lapsus$ published various evidence that Microsoft and the Okta authentication platform had been attacked, and after internal investigations, the two companies have confirmed that they have been hacked. The first has done so, as pointed out by Muycomputer, after the group of attackers also published a file of almost 37 GB that contains part of the source code of Bing and Cortana.

Arquimea Group: the technological sponsor that subsidizes your R&D projects

Aerospace research, development of robots for industrial plants, or the launch in record time of a massive test to combat COVID-19.

These are just some of the activities that, since its foundation more than 15 years ago, have been carried out by Arquimea Group, a company specializing in the development of innovative solutions in a wide number of sectors and which recently aims to support all types of of R&D projects through what they have called “technological patronage”

Oracle and the promotion of the data driven company

Oracle has held its Technology Summit Spain 2022 event, which marks the start of attendance at its events in Spain. Still in a mixed format, but already with an audience, the company has reviewed its most important milestones in terms of technology and advances for this year, with special emphasis on its novelties and agreements in Spain.

HPE GreenLake expands its cloud services and enhances its partner ecosystem

HPE has announced several new features for its HPE GreenLake hybrid cloud platform, designed to provide customers with the systems and tools to modernize applications and data, both at the edge and in the cloud. From its headquarters in Houston (Texas), the CEO and President of the company, Antonio Neri, has been in charge of giving its main brushstrokes.

Among these novelties there is a unification of the operating experience and new cloud services. In addition, GreenLake will be available on the online marketplaces of various distributors, including Ingram Micro, ALSO, Tech Data, Synnex and Arrow.

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