MCPRO Pills (CXXXII): ASUS ExpertBook, CTO Navantia, Data Driven Companies

With the analysis of two of the great teams of the year, we start a new edition of this week’s MCPRO Pills. The ASUS ExpertBook B3 Flip and ASUS ExpertBook B5 show that the Asian brand knows how to give professionals exactly what they need: maximum performance and a design designed for the all-rounder of the working day, but with elegance as one of the flags of its brand. identity.

We continue with the interview with Donato Martínez, CTO of Navantia, one of the companies that has invested the most in digital transformation in the last year and has reached a strategic agreement with Telefónica to build the shipyard of the future. We also tell you what new companies are like data derive, capable of making better business decisions thanks to the intelligent analysis of the data they generate and, at the current level, an interesting purchase: the 3,000 million dollars that HP has paid to acquire Poly. Let’s start!

ASUS ExpertBook B3 Flip and ASUS ExpertBook B5 Review: Versatility by Flag

The ASUS ExpertBook series has become, on its own merits, a benchmark within the professional sector, thanks to the differential value that ASUS has been able to infer in each and every one of the devices that make up this series, and to its constant efforts to innovate and for improving the user experience without this entailing any type of sacrifice for the user.

Donato Martínez (CTO of Navantia): Augmented reality increases the efficiency of our processes

A few months ago, Telefónica reached an agreement with Navantia to offer it the necessary infrastructure, security and communications to host an innovative digital platform with the latest technologies in the design, construction and life cycle support of Navy ships and thus contribute in the company’s digital transformation plan.

At MCPRO we have had the opportunity to speak with Donato Martínez, CTO of Navantia, about the company’s main digital transformation processes.

How to become a Data Driven company

Becoming a “data driven” company is something that we hear more and more in the statements made by CIOs and those responsible for digital transformation. Being able not only to collect all the data generated by the company, but above all to know how to interpret it, understand the story it tells and make decisions about it, however, has become one of the main challenges they face.

NVIDIA GTC 2022: Hopper and Grace Reaffirm NVIDIA Leadership

The 2022 GTC is off to a great start. NVIDIA has made very important announcements, confirming once again that it is at the forefront of the industry. In this sense, one of the most important novelties has been Hopper, the new GPU architecture that uses its NVIDIA H100 accelerator, an extremely powerful solution that adds a total of 80,000 million transistors, and that offers a power of up to 1,000 TFLOPs in TF32 , which is a 300% increase over the NVIDIA A100.

HP will pay 3.3 billion euros for the manufacturer of video conferencing solutions Poly

HP has confirmed the purchase of the manufacturer of video conferencing products for companies, and provider of audio and video solutions Poly (the name that Plantronics adopted after buying Polycom), for which it will pay 1,700 million dollars in cash in addition to assuming its debt.

How to reduce printing costs in a new economic reality

The last few months have brought about drastic changes in how and where employees work. Some people may be eager to return to the office, others may never return, and many will have the option to work hybrid, only going to the office when it makes sense to do so. What hasn’t changed for many companies is the importance of documents in their critical processes.

The US considers Kaspersky, China Mobile and China Telecom to be a risk to national security

The US Federal Communications Commission has added Kaspersky, China Mobile and China Telecom to the list of companies it considers to pose an unacceptable security risk to US national security. They thus join five other companies, such as Huawei and ZTE, which became part of said list a year ago.

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