Measure PC performance with 7-Zip? so you can do it

When selecting the programs that are going to be part of our equipment to use them on a day-to-day basis, we must take into account several factors. Among them, the power of the computer itself in order to choose the software that best suits it. Here they can help us with certain solutions that measure the performance of our computer, although sometimes there are programs that can surprise us, as is the case with 7-Zip.

Probably most of you this is an application that will be very familiar to you, but related to other types of use. To give you an idea of ​​what we are telling you, say that 7-Zip is actually a file compressor and decompressor. This means that the main utility of this tool in question is to save disk space, or merge multiple files into one. For example, this can be extremely useful when sending large amounts of information on the internet.

The truth is that for decades these compressors have been accompanying us and offering users all their advantages. The aforementioned 7-Zip is one of the many proposals of this type that we can find, in this case totally free. In addition, one of its main features is that it has support for a multitude of compatible formats. It has a native one called 7Z, but we can also use the most common ones in this software sector.

But as we mentioned before, here we find a function that in a certain way will allow us to measure the performance of our computer.

7-Zip feature that measures computer performance

For those of you wondering about the need for a feature of this type in a file compressor, on some occasions it can be very helpful. Keep in mind that, in certain circumstances, here we are going to work with a huge number of files individuals, we speak of thousands. This requires a great deal of processing power to achieve compress or decompress all of it in an acceptable time.

Therefore, this functionality that we are talking about will be very useful when it comes to calibrate or roughly measure the time that will be used in the process depending on the power of the equipment. To take a look at this feature that we are talking about to measure the performance of the PC, once we have downloaded and installed the file compressor, we put it into operation. In this way, at the top of its main interface we find the menu option Tools / Tests (benchmark), where we click.

At that moment a new window will appear that will automatically begin to measure the performance of our PC when it comes to compressing and decompressing files here.

In fact, this window shows interesting data such as the CPU and RAM consumption which by default is done. Likewise, we found that, depending on the percentage of use of these elements, the data transfer speed also varies. The most interesting thing here is that at any moment we have the possibility of set a new amount of memory or processor cores to use. This will allow us to measure the transfer rate under custom circumstances on both compression and decompression.

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