Meet Eclipse Theia, the new editor for programming in Java

Eclipse Theia is a IDE platform open source, free and standalone, specially designed for work in javaAlthough it can also be used as support for the development of various applications in all types of programming languages ​​such as C ++, JavaScript, PHP, C, Ruby, Python, among others. This is capable of running both as a desktop application and in the cloud through a web browser.

This project was born to provide a alternative truly open to the editor Visual studio code from Microsoft. It is based on cutting edge web-based technology. It provides us with support for different languages ​​through LSP and DAP, as well as the ability to host VS code extensions and provide full access to the terminal.

From among his main features highlights the use of the same code base to be used as a desktop and web application, being specially designed in a modular way to be able to expand or change any of its functionalities through add-ons. In addition, it has a very complete terminal emulator capable of updating automatically without losing work history.

Eclipse Theia, single font for browser and desktop

Eclipse Theia is a very popular IDE within the developer community for its simplicity and its system of plugins that we can use to customize our workspace. While it is compatible with a good number of popular languages, it is Java, the main tool that it has been designed to work for.

Born to improve Visual Studio Code

Although it was released some time ago, in 1995, this language continues to fight, as it continues to be present in millions of devices around the world through its pure code or related technologies. For this reason, Eclipse Theia can be the main starting point for any developer looking for an IDE for Java with great customization possibilities.

Eclipse Theia IDE

This IDE was born as a great real open source alternative to Visual Studio Code, with which it shares many of its design characteristics, with a very similar user interface, as well as full compatibility with its extensions. However, it offers some more significant differences, as it offers a more modular architecture that allows for more customization options. Plus, it can run on both desktop and cloud and is backed by a neutral open source foundation.

Boost your capabilities with Theia Blueprint

To help us enhance its functions, it has Eclipse Theia Blueprint a template consisting of a subset of existing features and extensions for Eclipse Theia and displaying all of its capabilities. Of course, we must be clear that it is not a product ready for permanent use since it is in beta phase so it is not a replacement for VS or another IDE.

Eclipse Theia interface

When we run the program we find the great resemblance it has to VS, in an imminently dark and elegant tone, with all its menus and functions in English. In the left column it has different shortcuts to the browser, search, repositories, debugger and extensions. This means that we can install any of the more than 16,000 existing extensions and developed by the Theia community.


The Eclipse Theia integrated development platform was born to be a true open source alternative to Visual Studio Code, with which it bears a great resemblance, offering compatibility with all its extensions, but also offering some improved features, as well as the possibility of being able to run in the cloud directly through the browser. Specially designed to work with Java, although it is compatible with other programming languages, so its range of work is extensive. Its simple interface and suitable for any type of programmer, even for the most inexperienced.

Download Eclipse Theia

Eclipse Theia is an open source, free and cross-platform IDE platform, which is used in Windows, macOS and Linux operating systems. We can access it from the developer’s website. This project is supported by the Eclipse Foundation which gives its users the guarantee that the project will not disappear and will evolve over time.

Its first version 1.0 is currently available. The installation of the program is very simple and is done through its wizard. During it, it does not try to get us to install other unwanted third-party applications and it is free of viruses or any other malicious file.

Other alternatives for programming in Java

In case we are looking for an IDE to program in Java, we propose some alternatives to Eclipse Theia that we must take into account:

Apache NetBeans

We are talking about a free and open source official IDE for Java, which allows us to work on different operating systems such as Windows, Linux and macOS. It also supports other programming languages ​​like PHP, C ++, HTML5, etc. Among its characteristics, it stands out for having different editors, templates and assistants that will be very useful for creating applications. In addition, it allows to highlight the source code syntactically and semantically. We can download it from this link to its official website.


This integrated development environment has been specially conceived to work with Java, although it is also compatible with other programming languages ​​such as PHP, C ++, C or JavaScript. It has been specially designed to be able to work in the cloud collaboratively from a web browser, without having to install any software on our computer. This means that we can share the work with other users regardless of the operating system they use. In order to use Codenvy it is necessary to subscribe to one of their price plans that start at $ 10 per month. We can access it by clicking on this link to its main website.

Visual studio code

It is a code editor by Microsoft for Windows and macOS compatible with a wide range of programming languages ​​such as Java, PHP, Python, Ruby, among others, thanks to its wide compatibility with a wide variety of extensions. Among its features, it stands out that it includes its own debugger that will allow us to debug the code more easily than other editors. We can download Visual Studio Code for free from its website.

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