Meet the Netatmo Smart Indoor Camera, a 1080p camera

Main features

The Netatmo Cloud IP camera smart indoor camera is a device with which we can video surveillance our home locally or remotely, since it uses the Netatmo Cloud to make reverse connections and not have to open ports on our router. This camera incorporates a 4MP sensor, therefore, we have at our disposal a video resolution of up to 1920 x 1080 pixels, that is, Full HD resolution to be able to zoom up to 8x and see every corner of our home without the image becoming pixelated. This camera has infrared on its front part to be able to see and record in the most absolute darkness, it allows us a distance up to 8 meters, making it ideal for large rooms such as the living room and even a corridor, in addition, it also incorporates a microphone to hear everything that happens on the other side, however, it does not have two-way audio (it does not have a speaker). The viewing angle of this camera is 130º, ideal for covering a wide angle and recording everything around us.

The most interesting and differential feature compared to other manufacturers of IP Cloud cameras, is the incorporation of the facial recognition. When we install the camera, it will be able to detect people and perform facial recognition, it will notify us in the application if that specific person is unknown or if we have previously marked them as known. In this way, it will notify us if a stranger has arrived at our house and will alert us with the application, but it will also indicate if our child has arrived from school. This camera model is also capable of detecting pets, with the aim of not having false intrusion alerts, however, we can deactivate it to record our pet and also warn us that it has moved, so we can monitor our dog or cat when we are out.

In order to provide the maximum possible privacy, this camera allows disabling it digitally, that is, we can deactivate motion detection, facial recognition and also real-time viewing, without having to turn off the camera by removing the power connector. All these actions can be easily done through the free Netatmo Home + Security app, or by accessing the camera directly via the web, so we will have the two options to manage and view our video surveillance camera.

Home + Security
Home + Security

Home + Security
Home + Security

Another very important feature of this camera is its connectivity, it incorporates both WiFi connectivity in the 2.4GHz band with the WiFi 4 standard (compatible with 802.11b / g / n) as well as wired connectivity, thanks to its Fast-Ethernet port for the LAN. We can choose any form of connection to connect to the local network and also to the Internet, and be able to view the camera remotely.

To store the videos locally, and access them locally or remotely, it incorporates a slot for micro SD cards up to 32GB capacity, a 16GB class 10 micro SD card is already incorporated in the camera itself, so that we do not have to spend more money to buy it, and start using it as soon as possible. A very important detail regarding the security of the recordings stored in the micro SD, is that all of them are encryptedtherefore, no one except us will be able to access these recordings. Although Netatmo does not natively provide a cloud storage service for the videos or video clips you record, it will allow us to store video clips in the cloud in two different ways:

  • Using Dropbox: we can link our personal Dropbox or Dropbox Business account to store all the video clips that we want. From the application we can register our Dropbox account and link the Netatmo account with them, in this way, we can store all the videos safely in this popular cloud storage service.
  • Using an FTP server: we can upload the video clips to an FTP server, either a local or remote FTP, we will simply have to enter the IP address or domain, port, username and password, as well as the path where we want Netatmo to save all and each of the videos.

This model does not have any type of subscription fee, we can access the camera for free whenever we want, this detail is very important. We must also indicate that this camera integrates perfectly with other Netatmo devices such as door and window sensors and even the outdoor IP camera.

This IP Cloud camera is integrated into Apple HomeKit, it is also compatible with Amazon Alexa, it works with the Google assistant, so we can integrate it with the rest of the home automation that we have in our home easily and quickly. The power supply of this model is carried out through a micro USB port with 5V and 2A, therefore, we could feed it with an external battery to avoid that with a power cut it can be turned off, logically the router should be connected to a UPS or a power strip that has a battery to stay on.

Finally, the IP camera will also detect if an alarm has occurred, be it a fire alarm, smoke detection or a siren, regardless of whether it is from Netatmo or not, so it will also send us a notification and record a video about The event.

Once we know the main features of this camera, let’s see the unboxing and first impressions.

Unboxing and first impressions

What struck us the most when we took this Netatmo smart interior camera out of the box is the quality of the materials. This model is finished in aluminum and the quality of the materials is really impressive, its size is 45 x 45mm and 15.5cm high, therefore, this camera is quite small in size but very tall, however, due to its great design will go completely unnoticed in our living room, in the hallway furniture or in our main room.

Another aspect that we liked a lot about this model is the ease of installation thanks to the Netatmo Home + Security app, in less than two minutes you will have this camera installed using the app and your smartphone, in addition, it integrates perfectly with the rest of Netatmo “Security” devices such as the smoke detector, the door and window opening sensor and also the manufacturer’s intelligent outdoor camera.

Soon we are going to offer you a complete analysis where you can see the technical characteristics in detail, and we will show you the image quality of this IP Cloud camera aimed at a domestic audience that wants to have a quality camera, with a great design and with multiple options configuration available through the official application.

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