Mega, 1Fichier, Zippyshare… download from more than 50 hostings, without premium, with these websites

Thanks to storage servers In the cloud it is very easy to share all kinds of files over the Internet. Surely we have ever downloaded a file from servers like Mega or 1Fichier. And surely we have also realized the hassle of doing so since the free plans. Each of these hostings has a payment plan that allows us to accelerate downloads, download without waiting, and, in addition, do it at maximum speed. However, if we download from several servers at the same time, the price per month can become quite expensive. Unless we use these websites.

While each of the hostings have their modality premium (which varies in price and features according to each), there are websites that have worked on creating their own APIs so that, by paying a small subscription, which does not exceed part of what the premium costs in any of the others, we They allow you to download, with premium, from more than 75 cloud storage servers.

There are several of these websites, but this time we are going to talk about two of the most interesting that we can hire today. In addition, in both cases we will be able to download files using the extensions that they offer us for browsers, as well as with Jdownloader.


The first of the websites that we are going to see is Alldebrid. This tool is a must-have for all types of users who often download files from the main cloud storage platforms. It has a large number of servers, with very high capacity, so that we can always download at maximum speed and without waiting, even if there are other users downloading at the same time.

Alldebrid allows us to download without restrictions from a total of 71 web hostings, in addition to allowing us to take advantage of its bandwidth with another 14 free servers and a total of 1336 streaming services. We can consult the complete list here.

Regarding the price of this service, we can have all of the above for only 2.99 euros per month. We can also save by paying for a fixed number of days ranging from 90 days at 8.99 euros to 300 days of service for 24.99 euros.

We can access this website from this link. Also, we can use it for free for 7 days to test how it really works.



Another of the services that we are going to see to download premium from the Internet without having to pay on each website is RealDebrid. Broadly speaking, this service is very similar to the previous one, since it allows us to download files from more than 44 storage servers in the cloud, at maximum speed, without being premium or having to pay more than a small subscription.

Their plans range from 3 euros per month, for 15 days, to 18 euros per month for 180 days. We also have two intermediate plans that allow us to hire the service during 30 days for 4 euros per month, and during 90 days for only 9 euros per month. As we can see, much lower prices than any premium of any hosting.

We can start downloading files without restrictions right now from this web page. Of course, we must bear in mind that, on this occasion, we do not have a trial period.

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