Meghan Markle Apologizes to the British Court; acknowledges having participated in his unofficial biography

Meghan Markle admitted to the British court that he had provided information to the authors of a unofficial biography about her and her husband, the prince harry, contrary to what he had previously indicated in the trial against a British newspaper, which is why he asked apologies to the court.

The 40-year-old former American actress won her privacy violation lawsuit against the Mail on Sunday in February.

He reproaches him for publishing a letter written in 2018, in which he asked his father Thomas Markle, 77, to stop making statements and lying in the media about the reason for the breakdown of the relationship between father and daughter. .

The Duchess of Sussex’s allegations were weakened by testimony Wednesday from Jason Knauf, the former communications secretary for the royal couple, now based in California.

Supporting the Mail on Sunday – which wants to show thate Meghan Markle regularly sought to influence public opinion – Knauf claimed to have provided, on behalf of Megan and Prince Henry, private information to the authors of the unofficial biography, “Finding Freedom” (“Harry and Meghan, free”).

According to him, the draft book was “systematically and directly discussed with the Duchess, in person and by email.”

Meghan Markle apologizes to the British court

In written testimony presented to the court, Meghan admitted to having participated in the writing of the book – which she and her husband had always denied until then – and apologized for having misled the court by not specifying it in the first instance.

“I acknowledge that Knauf provided information to the authors and that he did so to the best of my knowledge and belief,” he explains, but adds that “the extent of the information that (he) shared is unknown.”

“I apologize to the court for not having recalled those exchanges at that time,” continues the Duchess.

Nevertheless, Markle it noted that the information shared with the authors was “a far cry from the highly detailed personal information” that the Mail on Sunday had published.

The prince harry, 37, sixth in the order of succession to the british crown, He repeatedly denounced the pressure of the media on his wife and made it the main reason for his withdrawal from the royal family, effective since April 2020.

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