men and women prefer different models according to this study

Do men and women share the same preferences in choosing their iPhone. This latest study by Consumer Intelligence Research Partners (CIRP) provides an answer to this question.

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In the United States, Apple’s hegemony is indisputable, as evidenced by these figures revealed by a recent survey: 90% of 13-25 year olds have an iPhone in the land of Uncle Sam.

In fact, it is not surprising to see many reports and analyzes flourishing on the American company. And precisely, the study firm CIRPfor Consumer Intelligence Research Partners, looked at the preferences of users regarding the choice of their iPhone.

Men and women have different tastes for their iPhones

In particular, we learn in this report that men and women set their sights on different models. According to the data collected, men are more likely to opt for a Premium versionnamely an iPhone Pro or Pro Max while women rather turn to the basic model.

Thus, 12% of female customers surveyed bought an iPhone 14 or 14 Plus in 2022, compared to 8% for their male counterparts. For high-end models, they rise to 41% for men, against 33% for women.

Be careful however, these differences are strangely reduced on previous generations. In effect, 37% of male and female respondents combined bought a basic iPhone 12 or 13 or Miniwhile 7% of respondents have purchased an iPhone SE.

The CIRP kicks in to explain these disparities

What could explain these gender disparities in iPhone model choice? On this point, the CIRP preferred not to get wet and simply provide these different findings without contextualizing them. “We’re not going to explore broader gender issues about the motivation behind iPhone choices.

The firm continues:Our database does not address questions of ego, technological comfort, habits in terms of photography or physiological differences such as the size of the hands related to the choice of a high-end telephone. We leave that speculation to the reader,” writes Consumer Intelligence Research Partners.

As a reminder, another study centered on Apple shed light on the die-hard loyalty of young Americans to the brand. According to this report, having an Android smartphone can be a reason for breaking up for Americans aged 13 to 25!

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