Meow!: 5 games designed for lovers of… cats!

It goes without saying how important cats are today. They are, for many people, their favorite pet and even for full-fledged couples the closest thing to a child. That, without counting that They have become the true kings of the internet. Or have you not seen those memes that claim that if you put a cat in a publication, it has a good chance of going viral?

best cat games

Be that as it may, all that power to attract the masses It does not seem that it has served the cat species to star in too many video games, so we have made a small compilation of the few, but best titles that you can find right now on your computers or consoles. So here we go:

Pix the Cat

This title is very simple but its protagonists are the cats, who must save a species of ducks through screens in the form of labyrinths (how much it reminds us of Chu Chu Rocket). Very simple but tremendously fun and frenetic. You have it available on PlayStation, Xbox, PC, Nintendo Switch and even for the old Sony PlayStation Vita.

robot cat

curious launch indie of those who like to play, that it has a cat as the protagonist and that it must go collecting different parts of an armor to advance through the different areas of the map. Saving the distances, it is a kind of metroid where as we play we have access to better weapons and resources of that special suit. You have it on PC, Xbox and Nintendo Switch and it has a curious black and white pixelated graphic aspect.

cat quest

Inspired by the The Legend of Zelda by nintendo, this game is a huge role-playing epic starring a fearless cat that will take us to hidden lands and face real dangers. It was a small success at the time, in 2017, and its leading cat got a second chance two years later…

Cat Quest II

Effectively, Cat Quest II It is the clear result of the success of the first installment that practically repeated the same formulas of the original but adding more content and some changes in very specific mechanics. Together these cat quest they are the best cat titles for hours of entertainment and playable substance, which is always important. In all cases, you have them for iOS, Android, PlayStation, Nintendo Switch and PC and they even earned their own physical editions.


But of course, if it has given us to remember cats as important protagonists in video games, it is because strayan Annapurna title that focuses entirely on playing what would the existence of a kitten walking, climbing and descending from buildings be like inside a huge futuristic city full of technology and robots with which we must interact, even managing it as we please.

A development that is causing a sensation and that you have available for free the users of that new PlayStation Plus Essential. If you are not subscribed, it is priced at only 29.99 euros and all the ratings it is reaping are extremely positive, both on PS4 and PS5 and PC. Meow!

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