Mercedes Maybach ESQ: this is what the manufacturer’s next luxury SUV will look like

If Mercedes has already confirmed and shown its next EQS SUV, several design details of the car were still missing. Thanks to new renderings from our colleagues at, it is now possible to see in more detail what the luxury vehicle that will be released next year will look like.

If Mercedes invests more and more in the electric field, the brand does not forget its ambitions to offer a wide range of vehicles that adapt to everyone’s needs. Thus, it is just as possible to opt for a compact 7-seater SUV as to be seduced by the manufacturer’s more upscale offer through the EQS range.

Under the Maybach label, these luxury SUVs are aimed at those who only want the best – and who can afford it. The next model, meanwhile, has already been talked about. Mercedes-Benz also showed a first prototype at the Munich Motor Show last year, and unveiled the vehicle’s interior and its giant OLED screen in March. Today it is to see what the car will look like.

Discover the design of the Mercedes-Maybach EQS a year before its release

New renderings have indeed been published by our colleagues from the site, based on photos already provided by the German manufacturer. According to the latter, Mercedes would therefore have opted for black borders with unique patterns on the front and rear of its vehicle, as well as for custom 24-inch Maybach wheels. The interior, as we already knew, will be especially luxurious.

mercedes maybah eqs 2023 - 2

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To know the release date, however, we will still have to be patient. The automaker has yet to release any information on the subject, although we can expect an April launch, a year after this year’s EQS model. In the meantime, we let you admire the curves of the next arrival in the premium range of Mercedes.

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