Mercedes: this prototype manages to travel 1000 km without recharging

Mercedes has just recorded a good performance with its electric prototype called EQXX. Indeed, the manufacturer has managed to achieve a journey of 1008 km without going through the charging box. The car had left a research center of the mark in Sindelfilgen in Germany to go to Cassis, located not far from Marseilles in the south of France.

mercedes eqxx test
Credits: Mercedes

In the electric car market, autonomy is the sinews of war. Manufacturers show ingenuity in pushing back the limits and offering vehicles capable of covering ever more kilometers before going through the recharging box. Lucid comes for example to unveil a new electric sedan with 717 km of autonomy, a capacity significantly greater than that of the Tesla Model S Plaid and its 560 km.

In July 2021, Mercedes unveiled a new and revolutionary concept car which offers a record range of 1000 km. The silver arrow brand presented more details on the Mercedes Benz-Vision EQXX at the start of 2022. To keep this promise of 1000 km, the manufacturer relies on a 100 kWh large capacity battery and ultra-efficient electric motor performance, up to 95%. It is necessary to add to this a weight on the controlled balance of 1750 kilograms.

mercedes eqxx test
Credits: Mercedes

Mercedes proves that it is possible to exceed 1000 km of autonomy

In addition, the car has on its roof 17 photovoltaic panels which allow in ideal sunshine conditions to add 25 km of additional range on long journeys. Nevertheless, we had no choice but to take the manufacturer at its word, for lack of real tests in real conditions of the prototype.

It is now done. Mercedes announced on Thursday that it had managed to travel more than 1000 km with the EQXX concept without having to recharge. Thereby, the prototype completed a journey of 1008 km between the brand’s research center in Sindelfilgen in Germany and the town of Cassis, located not far from Marseille in the south of France. He would have needed 12 hours to connect the two points. And surprisingly, the EQXX still had some headroom, since he had 140 km of autonomy left!

According to the data shared by the German company, the prototype was indeed equipped with this 100 kWh battery and posted an average consumption of 8.7 kWh per 100 kilometers. For Mercedes, this experience is proof that achieving consumption below 10 kWh “is absolutely realistic even for a production car in the near future”.

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