Mercedes urgently recalls 292,000 SUVs due to brake problems

Mercedes-Benz says owners of nearly 300,000 of its SUVs must park them until further notice due to a potential issue that could lead to a loss of braking power.

Mercedes EQB

NHTSA has issued an “do not drive” notice for 292,000 vehicles dating from 2006 to 2012 ML-Class, GL-Class and R-Class until their brake boosters can be inspected. In documents released Thursday by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, Mercedes says moisture can enter the brake booster housing and cause corrosion. This can cause a vacuum leak, which decreases brake performance.

In rare cases, sudden braking could cause mechanical damage to the brake booster, and it may be impossible to stop vehicles with the brake pedal, Mercedes said in a statement Thursday. However, if your car happens to be affected by this issue, Mercedes says thata foot operated parking brake would still work. This is not the first time that Mercedes cars have been affected by a recall. Last year, 1.3 million vehicles were affected by a software bug.

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Mercedes asks owners of affected vehicles to have their cars serviced

The German automaker is asking all affected vehicle owners to get to a dealer as soon as possible to have their car serviced. However, it must be remembered that since it is a problem with the braking system, going to his dealer may well be more dangerous than expected.

Mercedes-Benz therefore stated thatshe would offer free towing so owners can safely drive to a dealership for repair. Repairs will consist of removing a rubber sleeve so technicians can inspect the booster. They will replace parts if necessary. In addition, if repairs cannot be made immediately, dealers will be required to help car owners find loaner vehicles until repairs can be made.

“Vehicles that do not pass the additional tests will need to be fitted with a new brake booster. The stop driving advisory will remain in effect for these vehicles until the brake booster is replaced. The owners concerned will be informed from May 27.

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