Meross presents its HomeKit compatible lamp

More and more accessories are available with HomeKit technology and in this case the signature Meross, presents a floor lamp that is intelligent and compatible with this Apple home automation technology. In this case, it is a lamp with a modern design that can be turned on and off or adjusted in terms of power from any HomeKit-compatible device, be it a Mac, iPhone, iPad, etc.

The Meross lamp is logically made with LED bulbs and also is compatible with Alexa and Google Assistant systems. Remotely controlling the lamp of this firm from anywhere is always possible with a network connection.

This new floor lamp from Meross offers the option of regulating the color temperature from 2700K to 6000K and it allows us to adjust the brightness to our liking from 1% to 100% of maximum brightness. What the magnification does not allow is to change the color.

In I am from Mac we have already analyzed some products of this firm on previous occasions and we can confirm that they have a very good value for money, in this case and while we are writing this article the company does not have the lamp for sale on its official website, but it does appear on the website. What is evident is that this company offers products with a very good value for money and also compatible with HomeKit, which is why they are usually a good entry point to the automation of your home.

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