Meross puts HomeKit technology within our reach with its light bulbs and accessories

Meross power strip and HomeKit bulbs

As with other products or smart devices compatible with virtual assistants, the price of these accessories can determine the purchase options or not of the users. In this sense, we have to say that Meross is one of the firms that has been betting on Apple HomeKit technologywith fairly tight prices so that the user can access a light bulb, a power strip, etc.

In this case, the company has given us a pair of smart colored LED bulbs that are compatible with Apple HomeKit, Amazon Alexa, and Google Assistant. We have also been able to test the power strip called mss425E, a power strip that has three wall plugs, four USB A ports and all of this compatible with HomeKit, Alexa and Google Assistant.

Little by little without making much noise Meross is placed among the best brands compatible with HomeKit

We can say that Meross is not one of the best-known accessory firms, or at least that is the impression that many of us have when they talk to us about it. But oddly enough, this company has been offering HomeKit-compatible products from the very beginning of the technology launched by Apple. Besides the quality offered by these products is really good despite being products that have a fairly tight price compared to other similar brands on the market.

For many users, the first contact with a HomeKit-compatible product is usually a light bulb due to its affordable prices and how simple it is to use, in this case Meross offers the option of buying a pair of LED bulbs with different color options to those who want get started in the world of HomeKit or home automation. They also have a really interesting power strip in their product catalog to control the plugs of our devices, televisions, charging bases, etc.

HomeKit Compatible MSL120 Bulbs

We will start with the product most sought after by many users, in this case it is smart bulbs with an e27 thread (one of the thickest) with which surely more than one started in this HomeKit and home automation. In this case it is a pack of two light bulbs with this type of E27 threads. On the Meross website you will find several available models, shapes, in a single color or, as is the case with these, with the option of changing color and with different thread sizes for all types of lamps.

The specifications of this MSL120 bulb is quite interesting since they have 810 lumens, they are equivalent to a 60W light bulb and the consumption is really much lower that of a conventional light bulb.

To synchronize this type of light bulbs with our device it is as simple as screwing in the lamp to which we want to use the light bulb. Scan the QR code that appears on the bulb itself or on the warranty document itself attached and ready. All this from the Home app of our iPhone is very simple to carry out.

Surely many of you will ask about how difficult or easy it is to connect this type of HomeKit device. Using the iPhone’s Home application is as simple as clicking on the +, aiming our camera at the same light bulb once connected, and that’s it. We must follow the steps indicated and we can now activate and deactivate through our Mac, iPhone or iPad device from anywhere. Furthermore, as is evident, we can perform automatic scheduling of power on at a certain time or dayall this in a simple way from the iPhone application in the automation option.

The MSS425E power strip is easy to use and practical

Another of the star products of the firm is the MSS425E power strip that they have in their product catalogue. As we go to the beginning of this rule add three European plugs, four USB type A ports and a total on/off button of the rule.

The use may seem complicated but nothing is further from reality since once the power strip is synchronized with our home application it allows us to activate or deactivate the plugs individually, except USB A ports which are enabled or disabled simultaneously.

This type of strips comes in handy to place them in strategic locations in our house, office or similar. And it is that they allow us turn off any plug from anywhere without having to touch anything simply our Mac, iPhone or iPad.

Synchronization of the Meross 425E with HomeKit

As with light bulbs and other HomeKit-enabled smart products, this power strip can be easily connected using the sticker QR that is added at the bottom of the strip itself or on the papers and its documentation.

To do this we have to open the home application as with the light bulb and click on the + symbol that appears in the upper right corner. Once pressed we have to select the add accessory and the window will appear directly dialog box with which we can point directly with our camera to the QR tag. Once selected, the process is simple and you simply have to follow the steps. You may need to switch to the 2.5 GHz Wi-Fi network if your router doesn’t automatically do so.

It is important to note that in this case the rule adds the plugs together in a single power strip, so if we want to use each plug individually we have to access the settings on the gear wheel within the home application in the power strip itself and press as a group. This process is simple but we must bear in mind that the power strip appears together in the Home app initially, so if we want to separate them we will have to select in the preferences wheel (by pressing on the accessory in HomeKit) in “show separate checkboxes”.

Price of bulbs and Meross power strip

We will start with the prices of these smart devices compatible with HomeKit, Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant. In this case we can say that the bulbs have an A+ certification and that therefore the consumption is very little compared to other types of bulbs, in addition the durability of these is much higher as they are LED. Also right now (at the time of publishing this article) we find a flash discount price on the Amazon website for this pair of bulbs that cost 27.10 euros for both.

For the MSS425E power strip it has a price of 35 dollars and currently (at the time of writing this article) it is out of stock on the Meross website, but they are restocking products so it is simply a matter of time before they are available again.

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