Merry Christmas everyone and may Santa bring you the best hardware!

We are already at Christmas and as the famous slogan says It’s Christmas at HardZone! For this reason we do not want to leave the opportunity to congratulate you on these atopic holidays that we live, since where something ends something begins. Let’s focus on all the news that we will see in just a week and a half along with everything that 2022 will bring us and let’s enjoy!

This year 2021 is being especially hard for everyone, where the hardware and video games industry is also suffering. Nothing helps, but as we have said, the end is the beginning of something that can be better and for that we work daily, bringing the best of hardware, gaming and technology day after day. Because having fun and staying informed is crucial in a world where the ideal is to be updated.

Merry Christmas!


And above all to highlight the gratitude of those who follow us and read us daily, to whom you always contribute something positive to the web with opinions and comments since thanks to this we continue to grow. The HardZone team wishes you happy holidays and one server hopes that tomorrow the tree will show off a lot of gifts and that some at least will be hardware or peripherals that you have been wanting for a long time.

Enjoy these holidays with responsibility and joy together with your families and friends so that in these difficult moments our smile and desire to move forward are not erased. For those who meet with relatives our best wishes, for those who remain cautious at home our embrace and support.

Hardware guides our lives, those of us who love this sector and have worked in it for decades know that they are cycles. Now we have high prices, low availability at a time where performance leaps are finally interesting. You have to be patient with it, everything will return to normal as it is returning on the consoles little by little.

In the meantime, enjoy these parties! Bad time, good face! From HardZone and the ADSLZone Group we wish you happy holidays.

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