Meta copies Twitter payment verification program

The launch of Twitter Blue generated quite a bit of controversy, something understandable since it involved the implementation of a payment verification system that had a base monthly fee of 8 euros. This measure had a very clear objective, to increase the income and profitability of Twitter, and Mark Zuckerberg liked the idea so much that the CEO of Meta has not hesitated to “adapt” it and implement it on your social networks.

This adaptation process, although we could clearly speak of a direct copy of the ideahas given rise to the birth of “verified by Meta”, a label that will show a blue icon indicating that the account has been verified by the company, and that therefore it is official and belongs to and reliably represents a person or company. The verification icon plays a very important role in this regard, as it helps to fight against phishing and counterfeit accounts.

This new Meta verification process will be applied both on Facebook and Instagram accounts, and it will be paid in both cases. We do not know what price they will have in Spain, since at the moment this program has only been launched in Australia and New Zealand in the testing phase, but making a direct conversion from Australian dollars to euros we see that the basic option on the web will cost 7.75 euros to change, and the mobile option will rise to 16.14 euros.

meta payment verification

The CEO of Meta himself, Mark Zuckerberg, has commented that with this new service verified users will have a Increased protection against account falsification and identity theft, a service that any social network should offer for free, and that will have access to a special form of customer support. In theory, it will make Meta and Instagram more secure, and it will roll out to other countries soon.

In order to activate this verification, it will be essential to identify ourselves using an official government document, in Spain the DNI would suffice for a natural person. We’re not sure what will happen to existing accounts that were verified for free, but in principle your situation should not change.

The truth is that this move by Meta doesn’t surprise me at all. The company has been around for quite some time. losing money on several fronts, his investment in the metaverse has been widely questioned, and its ad revenue performance hasn’t been through its prime either. However, the value of its shares has recovered in recent weeks, and the American giant has managed to put behind the bump in November, when its shares fell below 90 dollars. At the time of writing this article they were above $170.

Will Meta be successful with this payment verification program? Seeing the results that Twitter has achieved with its “Blue” program, we might think not, but we must bear in mind that we are talking about very different social networks, and that in the case of Facebook and Instagram this verification program could be more attractive for certain user profiles.

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