Meta is rewriting its WhatsApp app for Macs from scratch

WhatsApp on Mac

Mark Zuckerberg spent a fortune buying WhatsApp a few years ago, and the truth is that it is still not very clear how to amortize this investment. One of the ways to enter is through the WhatsApp Business variant, created so that companies can offer their products to users through said messaging platform.

So that requires a “powerful” desktop app. Meta has gotten to work, and is rewriting WhatsApp for Macs from scratch to run natively on macOS through its Catalyst language. It was time.

The popular WhatsApp messaging platform owned by Goal will soon have a new desktop app for Macs, rewritten in Catalyst to be faster and run natively on macOS. Without a doubt, great news for all of us who use WhatsApp on our Macs on a daily basis. It was time.

Currently, the WhatsApp desktop application for both macOS, Windows and Linux is based on the system Electron. A somewhat archaic method that does nothing but repackage a web application and converts it into a desktop executable for use on computers.

A somewhat “sloppy” way to “create” a desktop application. With a native coded from scratch in catalyst, visually it will be much more attractive, faster, and with more functions than the current one. And with the addition that it will most likely run on iPads without a problem.

At the moment, Meta has only communicated that it is working on this new version. It may take weeks, or even months, (with a prior release of a beta version) for us to enjoy it, but at least we know that soon we will be able to have a working WhatsApp in our mac.

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