Meta launches its world in virtual reality

After a first closed beta in 2020, Meta officially launched its augmented reality virtual world project, first in the United States and Canada.

The Metaverse dreamed of by Mark Zuckerberg takes shape. After a closed beta launched last year, the US company officially launched its Horizon Worlds, a virtual world resembling a social network of the future, for the moment only accessible in VR for owners of an Oculus Quest headset, the Facebook brand specializing in virtual reality.

The social network of the future

Launched only in the United States and Canada initially, Horizon Worlds is accessible to Internet users over 18 years old. As described by Mark Zuckerberg in his ambitious plans for the future, the platform provides access to a vast VR playground, in which it is possible to spend time and interact with friends. All in a multiplicity of cartoon-style worlds reminiscent of the Sims franchise – except that the avatars are devoid of legs.

“In Horizon Worlds, you are not just a visitor. You are part of what makes this world great ”

A world to build

For now, a unique mini game called Clash arena is accessible in multiplayer, but the company assures that others will follow. Internet users will also be able to access various tools for themselves, creating new experiences for the community. In a blog post, the company explains: “With new worlds in the making, you will be able to join Internet users from all over the world in constantly evolving adventures, and incredible experiences (…) You can even design your own worlds or get to know other members of the community”.

How to get there?

For the moment reserved for the American continent, Horizon worlds will have to wait a little before disembarking in our green regions. In the meantime, it is still possible for the most impatient to use backdoor means such as a VPN for example. Horizon worlds is available for free on the official Oculus website.

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