Meta Watch, the first portable device for Facebook Portal

Just a few hours ago, the announcement of the change of name from Facebook to Meta was announced, showing the new interest of the company in the metaverse that they have been working on for a long time. Although your initial bet seems to go further than a simple name change, with the first Meta Watch leak, a smart watch with a camera that would make use of the Portal communications platform and this new orientation of the company.

The design of the smart watch, discovered through the iPhone application to control the smart glasses manufactured by Ray-ban and Facebook, presents a small image in which the basic concept of it can be seen.

As detailed by Bloomberg, the Meta Watch continues a square design similar to that of the Apple Watch, although with more rounded edges; equipping removable straps, an atypical button configuration at the corners of its body, and the most curious change in the orientation of your camera compared to other smart watches, displacing this to the bottom of your screen.

Something that, added to the new focus of the company that supports it, suggests that its main orientation will be focused on video calls more than taking pictures or selfies.

And in fact it seems that this device will be part of the current Facebook Portal family of devices, the social media giant’s only line of hardware products (outside of Oculus VR devices). In fact, it is expected that this watch has the same integrations of these, thus being compatible for use with all the company’s social networks, further promoting this new concept of the metaverse.

While for the moment we do not know any specific date for the Meta Watch, previously The Verge already dated the launch of the next Facebook smartwatch for next summer, so everything indicates that this will be the time frame for the next Meta launch.

Without a doubt, the launch of such a device could be the perfect opportunity for the recently renamed Meta to demonstrate what it is capable of beyond the Facebook brand.

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