Metal, board games & animals: 5 YouTube channels to follow in July 2021

Our selection of YouTube channels for the month of July is as usual very varied.

If in July you don’t have the opportunity to go on vacation, the Internet may have plenty to take care of. On YouTube, we have chosen five new channels to discover: we talk about metal, advertising, animals and the environment, board games and video game cutscenes. You can also take a look at our previous editions if you want even more.

Numerama is also available on YouTube to talk about mobility, health, gadgets and tech. Among the latest videos that we were able to produce, it is about the coronavirus and vaccines, the famous Apple AirTags, the Starship spaceship, the e-trax scooter, the iPad Air Pro or even the famous QR Codes that you should see more and more in public places.

Curious Metallers

What do Metallica, Slayer, Scorpions, Rammstein or Alestorm have in common? They are metal bands. But these are also groups whose works have been analyzed on the Metalleux Curieux channel on YouTube. Its goal ? Discuss the origins and inspirations of their songs, but also how they approach history through their lyrics.


You know if you read Numerama, we love board games. Kingdomino, Res Arcana, Zombicide, 7 Wonders… We defend ourselves on certain titles! The problem is, there are lots and lots of rules. To save time, two possibilities: take a look at our suggestions or turn to LudoVox, which does the same on YouTube, by quickly presenting a board game by video.

Marie Wild

Why are moths attracted to light? Can you tell the difference between a frog, a toad or a tree frog? Why is the flamingo pink? Should we feed the birds in winter? Here is a small outline of the questions asked by Marie Wild, a videographer who is interested, you will have understood it, in wild animals as well as in the environment.

A Creative

How does a former advertiser get started on YouTube? The chain of A Creative. Formerly in the world of marketing, the videographer now uses his knowledge to explain how brands and the media use techniques to encourage the public to consume. With all this, you probably won’t stop shopping, but maybe you will be more alert.


You go around in circles on World of warcraft, because Blizzard still hasn’t uploaded the next big patch adding content to the MMORPG? To pass the time, you should take a look at the Pivotal channel, which features reimagined WoW cutscenes. The latest, Judgment, was unanimously hailed as the new benchmark of the genre.

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