Meta’s (Facebook) smartwach would have 3 photo sensors and a detachable rotating screen

Meta (Facebook) has filed a new patent for its smartwatch project. This unveils a watch whose screen is detachable and rotatable. This module includes a photo module. Turning the screen changes the photo sensor. Two models would be considered: one with a round screen and the other with a rectangular screen.

For a year, rumors and leaks have been evoking a connected watch in development at Meta (Facebook). We have mentioned the subject several times in our columns. The first time in February 2021. It was then a question of an Android smartwatch (but not Wear OS) optimized for the group’s services (Facebook Messenger, Instagram and WhatsApp). An exit in 2022 was already mentioned.

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In June, we reported that the watch could carry two cameras. A first for video calls and a second, detachable, for taking photos and videos like with a GoPro. Finally, last October, the day after the name change of the Facebook group to Meta, Bloomberg announced that the American firm would be inspired by the Apple Watch to design the case of its watch.

Meta imagines a watch with more photo lenses whose screen is detachable and rotating

This week, we learn that Meta’s smartwatch project could be much more ergonomically innovative. A patent was filed on June 24, 2021 by the firm with the global intellectual property management organization, WIPO. The latter has validated and published the patent on January 13, 2022. A document of about fifty pages which reveals a watch with a detachable screen. In the description, we can read that ” the invention relates to a portable device comprising a strap, a base (…), a removable connected display (…), as well as a camera integrated inside the display “.

facebook meta smartwatch rotating detachable screen 2

The most astonishing thing about this concept is obviously the detachable screen which can “rotate around the perimeter of the base in order to adjust the orientation of the camera”. If the first drawing (at the top of this article) reveals a rectangular model Apple Watch type with only one camera, the second drawing shows another model, with a circular screen like a Galaxy Watch, also seems to be considered with two or even three photo lenses. By rotating the screen, the user can change the lens in front of the sensor and thus change the viewing angle or use.

Meta’s watch would still be stalled for a launch in 2022. It remains to be seen what the firm will keep of its patents for this first generation and what it will reserve for the next.

Source: WIPO

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