Metaverse: a first demonstration took place in front of the virtual store of Samsung

An anti-capitalist protest has taken place in the metaverse. Demonstrators gathered in droves outside Samsung’s virtual store to protest against the grip of big corporations on decentralized digital worlds.

A first manifestation has just taken place in the metaverse. The demonstrators gathered in front of Samsung’s virtual store into Decentraland’s blockchain-based digital universe. The event was organized by Superflus, a non-profit organization, in order to highlight contemporary and committed art.

For memory, Samsung opened its virtual store in early January 2022 based on the architecture of its physical store located in New York. Within this digital space, accessible with a virtual reality headset, the South Korean giant presented its latest high-end phones, the Galaxy S22.

The first anti-capitalist demonstration in the metaverse

The avatars of all the protesters wore the non-fungible token (NFT) of a t-shirt featuring a signed work of art Babi Badalov. This artist from Azerbaijan is also characterized by his activism. He seeks to fight and denounce the “consumerism and capitalism”, explains a press release from Superflus. On the t-shirts, one could read in particular MoneyFestationthe name of Badalov’s action and work.

The demonstrators were also equipped with signs with the text “I Have A Scream”, in reference to Martin Luther King’s “I have A Dream”. With this wild demonstration, the mobilized Internet users wanted to point the finger the emerging hold of big business capitalists on the metaverse. The movement regrets that a decentralized universe like Decentraland falls into the hands of companies like Samsung.

According to Superflus, the metaverse must be “ideally free and separated from the oppressive structures of our own daily lives” avoid the established pattern in the real world. “This protest aims to criticize the use of a decentralized metaverse by corporate actors who colonize this space”tackles the organization.

Indeed, Samsung is not the only firm to launch into the metaverse. Recently, men’s magazine Playboy revealed plans to open an erotic mansion in the metaverse. At the same time, the fast-food giant McDonald’s aims to inaugurate virtual restaurants that will make it possible to place orders or buy NFTs.

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