Metaverse is ambiguous and hypothetical, says Snap CEO

Snap CEO Evan Spiegel stated that the company is not interested in the metaverse like other social networks. Spiegel announced the Pixy, a photo-taking drone, and a VR headset that is in production. The novelties, according to the CEO, are to use augmented reality (AR) in everyday life, something much more interesting than the metaverse.

“We don’t use that word because it’s too ambiguous and hypothetical,” he said. The Guardian when talking about metaverse. “Ask a room full of people to define it and you will have totally different definitions of each one.”

Companies that place bets on the metaverse “are talking about something that doesn’t exist yet,” the CEO explained to The Verge. AR “has 250 million people engaging every day on the Snapchat app alone,” he added.

Snap believes the real world will be lived longer than the metaverse

The investment in AR glasses was described by Spiegel as the key to computing superimposed on the world around the wearer. Snap’s glasses are already in the testing phase for developers. Another highly anticipated eyewear, from Facebook, is expected to be released only in 2024.

“Our fundamental thesis and biggest bet is in the real world, and that people really enjoy spending time together in reality. And computing can improve that, make it more fun, and contribute to shared experiences,” said Spiegel.

“But actually, people are going to spend most of their time in the world because it’s a really wonderful place… And that’s why we talk in great detail about the products we have today, about the solutions that exist today, and about the way people are using our products instead of talking about hypotheses”, he concluded.

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Pixy revealed by Snap CEO

Snap officially revealed this Thursday (28) the Pixy, a drone for selfies – yes, a private flying camera; and very tiny. “With the simple touch of a button, Pixy flies on four predefined trajectories. It can float, orbit and follow wherever you take it, without a control or any configuration”, describes the official page of the product which, according to the company, after registration, returns smoothly to the user’s hand.

Even before the launch, a lot of information about the small drone had already leaked bringing technical details of the device and many images as well. Pixy is small, measuring approximately 13 cm wide by 12 cm high.

The company classifies the equipment as “a small smart drone with a camera”. A button at the top appears to be a camera mode selector. Looking at the images, you can see cameras on the front and also on the bottom of the drone.

According to the company, the videos of the flights are transferred wirelessly and saved in the memories of Snapchat. The user can then use Snapchat’s editing tools, lenses and sounds to customize the record before sharing across different platforms.

The Snap selfie drone has a USB-C port (certainly for charging) and a removable battery. The equipment operates on frequencies of 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz, like most other drones. According to the documents, the flying camera has Bluetooth connection as well.

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